Application types of industrial aluminum

by:Zeyi     2021-06-06
is also called industrial aluminum extrusion and industrial aluminum alloy profiles. In recent years, consumption has increased year by year, maintaining a rapid growth rate. With the continuous development of the industrial aluminum profile industry, more and more companies have applied to the industrial aluminum industry, and the rapid development of a number of companies has received widespread attention. is mainly used for industrial production and manufacturing. It is an alloy material with aluminum as the main component. The aluminum rod is hot melted and extruded to obtain aluminum materials with different cross-sectional shapes, but the proportion of the added alloy is different. The mechanical properties and application fields of industrial aluminum materials are also different. After the surface of industrial aluminum is oxidized, the appearance is very beautiful, and it is resistant to dirt. Once it is coated with oil, it is easy to clean. When assembled into a product, different specifications of profiles are used according to different load-bearing products, and matching aluminum profile accessories are used, without welding. It is more environmentally friendly, and it is light and easy to carry and easy to move and install and disassemble.
The environmental problems faced by human beings are becoming stricter and stricter, and the requirements of industrialized production in the cutting process are also getting higher and higher. High-efficiency, environmentally friendly, economical, non-toxic, recyclable new water-based coolant has become the goal sought by the ancient chemical metal processing industry. As an important help material for metal processing, the basic functions of lubrication, cooling and washing of traditional cutting fluid products can no longer simply be adapted to the large-scale production of ancient chemical industries, but are satisfied with the high cutting speed and high speed of the high-speed machining process. The demanding requirements of feed rate, multi-material processing, low production cost, waste liquid treatment and working environment have become the first choice for the research and development of high-performance water-based cutting fluids. materials are currently widely used in the automotive industry, transmissions, aviation equipment, and other machinery and equipment industries. Therefore, the demand for special cutting fluids for industrial aluminum processing is increasing. cutting fluids provide high cutting during aluminum processing. The excellent lubricity and cooling properties required by the speed and high feed rate greatly improve the useful life of the tool and the nominal finish of the workpiece. Even in the face of high-precision deep hole processing (such as gun drills, gun reams), practice makes perfect. It is practically applied to the utilization concept of ancient high-speed processing; the strong biological characteristics can help control the growth of microorganisms, and solve the environmental problems of natural esters' odor and extreme pressure increase agents; have good easy cleaning properties, which can help to thoroughly clean the tool and follow. Excess residual liquid on the machine tool;
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