Assembly method of aluminum profile bracket

by:Zeyi     2021-06-03
After the aluminum alloy is extruded by an extruder, it is an industrial aluminum profile. profile can be assembled with various types of industrial supports, workbenches, frames, protective fences, etc., like some equipment supports commonly used in assembly lines, we collectively call them aluminum profiles Bracket. The following is the assembly method of the aluminum profile bracket. 1. Look at the drawings; it is very simple to assemble an aluminum profile bracket, because every responsible aluminum profile manufacturer will give the user a drawing of the bracket before shipment. 2. Accessory connection: The assembly method of the aluminum alloy profile bracket is also very simple, which can be assembled manually. Because the aluminum profile bracket is assembled from the processed industrial aluminum profile and then assembled with aluminum profile accessories (bolts, nuts, angle pieces, grooved bar connectors, right-angle brackets, etc.), no welding is required throughout the process. 3. Door-to-door installation: The so-called door-to-door installation is to go to the application site of the aluminum profile frame for installation. Individual automated aluminum profile brackets also need to be debugged in operation, such as conveyors. The 'assembly method of aluminum profile bracket' is as simple as that. If you need to customize an industrial aluminum profile profile frame, you can ask for advice!
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