Automotive aluminum can reduce greenhouse gas emissions

by:Zeyi     2021-08-03
A study by the Institute of Energy and Environmental Protection (IFEU) in Heidelberg, Germany shows that the use of aluminum to make cars can greatly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of cars and save fuel. The International Aluminum Institute (IAI) in London came to the same conclusion.   In 2006, the use of aluminum in the manufacturing of passenger cars reduced about 140 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, and 60 billion litres of crude oil could be saved during the life of these vehicles. This information was revealed by IAI experts at the China Aluminum and Transportation Academic Conference in Dalian, China. By extension, IFEU's research believes that if all vehicles (including cars, trucks, rail cars, airplanes, and ships) reduce their own weight due to the use of aluminum, the annual emission of 660 million tons of greenhouse gas can be reduced, which is equivalent to Around 9% of global transportation emissions.   IAI experts indicated that this conclusion is based on the research data of IFEU and the service life model developed by the aluminum industry. This model takes into account greenhouse gas emissions in all processes such as aluminum production, vehicle use, and disposal.   IAI's research compares the use of high-strength scrap steel. The use of bumpers and car shells in European cars and American cars is compared. Aluminum bumpers are 2.6kg lighter than high-strength steel bumpers. During the 200,000-kilometer driving cycle, the use of aluminum bumpers can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 48kg. The weight of the aluminum shell is 42% less than the high-strength steel shell. During the 200,000-kilometer driving cycle, the use of aluminum housing can reduce 131kg of carbon dioxide emissions.
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