Cause the aluminum profile to indicate the cause of corrosion

by:Zeyi     2021-09-06
The reason why we choose to use aluminum profiles for decoration is mainly because its structure is relatively stable and it is relatively resistant to corrosion during long-term use. However, the surface of some aluminum profiles will corrode. This is mainly due to the fact that the proportion of manufacturing materials of the aluminum profiles is not used correctly during processing and manufacturing.   1. During the melting and casting process, the addition ratios of magnesium and silicon are not appropriate. For example, there is some excess silicon. In addition to a small amount of silicon in the free state, this part of the excess silicon will also form ternary compounds in the aluminum alloy. These insoluble impurity phases or free impurity phases formed in the alloy tend to accumulate on the grain boundaries, and at the same time weaken the strength and toughness of the grain boundaries, and become the weakest link in corrosion resistance, where corrosion occurs first. 2. In the smelting process, although the addition ratio of magnesium and silicon is within the range specified in the standard, sometimes due to uneven and insufficient mixing, the silicon in the melt is unevenly distributed, and there are local enrichment and poor areas. . It is directly reflected in the aluminum profile products. When a small amount of free silicon exists in the aluminum matrix, it not only reduces the corrosion resistance of the alloy, but also coarsens the crystal grain of the alloy. 3. Control of various process parameters during extrusion, such as excessively high bar preheating temperature, improper control of metal extrusion flow rate, air cooling strength during extrusion, aging temperature and holding time, etc., will easily cause silicon segregation and liberation, which will cause magnesium And silicon does not completely become Mg2Si phase, but some free silicon exists.   In short, if the surface of aluminum profile is prone to corrosion in use, it is caused by the low quality standard of aluminum profile during production. Therefore, when choosing aluminum profile, you should go to a regular manufacturer. Such aluminum profile will be more secure.
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