Causes and analysis of brittle aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-10-23
Reasons for the brittleness of aluminum.com/products.html' target='_blank'>aluminum profiles 1. Lack of die pressure. The pressure at the die head is determined by the shrinkage ratio of the die, especially the length of the straight section of the die. If the shrinkage ratio of the die is too small or the straight section is too short, the product will not be dense, which will affect the physical properties. 2. The die output is uneven, and the thickness of the formed profile is not different, or the density is not different. This also forms the difference in the mechanical properties between the two sides of the profile. As for the thin wall and other non-standard profiles, I won't say more here. 3. The section design of the die is unreasonable, especially the dispersal of internal ribs and the angle of the bordering surface. This will cause stress concentration to exist, and it is necessary to improve the design and eliminate the right angles and acute angles at the bordering surface. 4. The cooling rate of the shaping mold. The cooling water temperature often does not attract enough attention. The role of the cooling water is to cool and shape the stretched macromolecular chains in time to achieve the purpose of application. 5. Regarding the performance drop caused by the poor assembly of the diversion ribs, the length of the ribs and the surface, the confluence of the ribs and the ribs should be appropriately increased, or the tightening ratio should be increased. The change of die pressure can adjust the flow resistance by changing the length of the straight section of the die; different compression ratios can be selected to change the extrusion pressure in the mold design stage, but it is necessary to pay attention to the compression ratio of the die head and the extruder screw. The shrinkage ratio is compatible; it can also change the formula, adjust the extrusion process parameters, and increase the perforated plate to change the size of the melt pressure.
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