Causes and elimination of tearing cracks on the surface of aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2022-01-07
Surface crack defect characteristics of aluminum profile: The surface of the aluminum profile presents longitudinal fish-like repetitive interval breaks, which are severely directly disconnected. Causes of surface cracks on aluminum profiles: (1) Extrusion coefficient of aluminum profile is too large, the extrusion temperature is too high (three temperatures of rod, barrel, and die), and the extrusion speed is too fast; (2) The extrusion force is unstable and suddenly High and low, or the speed difference between multiple speed adjustments is obvious, and the speed changes suddenly when shifting gears; (3) When the aluminum alloy profile is extruded, the head end is pressed (stamping) too fast, and the tail end runs at or does not decelerate. A large amount of aluminum infiltrates in the dead zone; (4) The quality of the rod is poor, the inside of the rod is overburned, and the grains are large and loose. The pressure surplus (V3 aluminum) is too thin; (5) The flow rate ratio of the extrusion die is seriously out of adjustment, and the design and manufacture are unreasonable. Methods for eliminating surface cracks on aluminum profiles: (1) Profiles with excessive extrusion coefficients can be produced on a small machine with a suitable extrusion ratio; in addition, the three extrusion temperatures should be strictly controlled in accordance with the production process requirements, and appropriate extrusion should be used. Pressure speed; (2) The operator is concentrated, the speed is stable, the pressure cannot be higher or lower, and the manual operation is coordinated when shifting gears; (3) The front and rear ends of the aluminum profile stop printing are dead zones or V3 volume (aluminum rod surface layer) ) Aluminum has a lot of impurities, poor quality and insufficient viscosity, so the extrusion speed of the profile head and tail ends should be slowed down; (4) The surface of the aluminum rod should be fine and clean without oil stains, and the internal organization should be up to the standard. %); (5) Extrusion die designers should design and manufacture qualified die with uniform flow rate.

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