Causes and Preventive Measures of Air Bubbles in Aluminum Die Casting Parts

by:Zeyi     2021-07-12
The characteristics of air bubbles generated in aluminum die-casting: the surface of aluminum die-casting has bumps of different sizes, or there are cavities under the skin.   The causes of bubbles in aluminum die-casting parts: 1. The molten metal in the injection chamber is too low (control at 45%~70%), which is easy to produce entrainment, and the initial injection speed is too high. 2. Unreasonable mold casting system and poor exhaust. 3. The melting temperature is too high, the gas content is high, and the melt is not degassed. 4. The mold temperature is too high, the mold retention time is not enough, the metal solidification time is not enough, the aluminum alloy profile is not strong enough to open the mold prematurely, and the pressurized gas expands. 5. Excessive amount of release agent and injection head oil. 6. The blowing time after spraying is too short, and the water on the surface of the mold is not dried.   Preventive measures for bubble generation in aluminum die-casting parts: 1. Adjust the switching point of die-casting process parameters, injection speed and high-pressure injection speed. 2. Modify the mold runner, add overflow groove and exhaust groove. 3. The aluminum alloy profile reduces the mold temperature in the defect area, thereby reducing the pressure effect of the gas. 4. Adjust the smelting process. 5. Extend the mold retention time and adjust the blowing time after spraying. 6. Adjust the amount of release agent and injection oil.
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