Causes and solutions for surface damage of aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-06-09
The main reasons and solutions for surface damage of aluminum profile are as follows:   1, the main reason for surface damage of aluminum profile   ①There are impurities on the surface of the ingot or segregation of ingot components. When there are a lot of segregation floats on the surface of the ingot and the ingot has not been homogenized or the homogenization treatment is not good, there are a certain amount of hard metal particles in the ingot, and when the metal flows through the working belt during the extrusion process , These segregation floats or hard metal particles adhere to the surface of the working belt or cause damage to the working belt, and eventually scratch the surface of the profile;    ②There are debris on the mold cavity or the working belt, and the hardness of the mold working belt is low. Make the surface of the working belt hurt and scratch the profile when squeezed;   ③There are bare metal on the discharge track or swing bed or there are hard inclusions in the graphite strip, which will scratch the surface of the profile when it comes in contact with the profile;   ④ When the fork rod sends the profile from the discharge rail to the swing bed, the profile is bruised due to the excessive speed;   ⑤The profile is dragged on the swing bed to cause abrasion;   ⑥The profiles rub or squeeze each other during transportation. 2. The solution to the causes of surface damage of aluminum profiles ①Strengthen the control of the quality of ingots;   ②Improve the quality of mold repairs, regularly nitriding the molds and strictly implement the nitriding process;   ③Use soft felt to isolate the profile from the auxiliary tools , Minimize the contact damage between the profile and the auxiliary equipment;   ④During the production, handle it gently, and try to avoid dragging or turning the profile at will;   ⑤Put the profile reasonably in the material frame to avoid mutual friction.
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