Causes of bubbles on the surface of industrial aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-07-20
The formation of bubbles on the surface of industrial aluminum profiles will affect the aesthetics and the formation of oxide films. The straightness will also be affected, so it cannot be used on precision instruments. Bubbles mainly occur in the process of extrusion, so why do bubbles appear? Let me explain to you what are the reasons for bubbles on the surface of aluminum profiles? 1. Extrusion cylinders and extrusion pads are worn out, and the extrusion cylinders The size of the extrusion pad is not properly matched, and the diameter difference of the used gasket exceeds the allowable value; 2. The extrusion cylinder and the extrusion pad are too dirty, with oil, moisture, graphite, etc.; 3. There are too many shovel grooves on the surface of the ingot. Deep, or the surface of the ingot has pores, sand holes, loose structure, oil stains, etc.; 4. When changing the alloy, the cylinder is not cleaned; 5. The ingot is too long, the filling is too fast, and the temperature of the ingot is uneven, causing non-drumming Shape filling, so the exhaust in the cylinder is not complete, or the operation is improper, and the exhaust process is not performed; 6. The die hole design is unreasonable, or the residual material is improperly cut, and the residual material in the diversion hole and the diversion hole is partially taken out. The gas in the void enters the surface during squeezing. So how to check whether there are bubbles on the surface of the aluminum profile? It is actually very simple. Some bubbles can be seen with the naked eye. You can also feel it by touching it with your hands. The aluminum profiles produced by aluminum profile manufacturers will undergo strict inspections when they leave the factory. Large quantities will be spot-checked, and the molds will be frequently replaced, so don't worry. Moreover, the manufacturers have after-sales service, so there is no need to worry about quality problems. This is also the reason why many people want to find manufacturers to purchase. The above is the whole content of 'the causes of bubbles on the surface of industrial aluminum profile profiles'. If you need to know other knowledge about aluminum profiles, you can come to consult. More than 16 years of industry experience, skilled and fast delivery, welcome to consult.
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