Causes of coloring defects of aluminum profiles and treatment methods

by:Zeyi     2021-10-13
The disadvantages of aluminum coloring are generally as follows: light color, color difference, no dyeing, white spots, whitening, dyeing and sloping, color escape, etc. Generally speaking, industrial aluminum profile profiles refer to all aluminum profiles except for architectural doors and windows, curtain walls, indoor and outdoor decoration and aluminum profiles for architectural structures. How to solve this problem, to ensure that the color difference of each batch of products is consistent, and within the range of deviation confirmed by both parties, to satisfy the consumer's request. This requires manufacturers to conduct research and precautions when performing electrolytic coloring on the profiles. Causes and treatment of light color and color difference 1. The thickness of the oxide film is uneven. The possible cause is the uneven temperature and concentration of the anodizing bath solution. At this time, the bath solution should be stirred with compressed air to solve such problems. 2. The temperature or concentration of the dyeing solution is uneven. Introduce the mixing process and increase the number of mixing. 3. The dyeing speed is too fast. The bottom of the workpiece enters the dye solution and then leaves the dye solution, so the bottom is easier to dye. The solution is to dilute the dye to properly extend the dyeing time. 4. Poor conductivity. It may be caused by loosening of the hanger. Pay attention to hang it tightly to avoid such problems. 5. If the dye is too dilute, you can increase the dye and improve the concentration. 6. The temperature of the dye solution is too low. The dye liquor can be heated to below 60℃. Causes and treatment of non-staining 1. The thickness of the anodic oxide film is insufficient. The solution is to check whether the anodic oxidation process is standard and whether the temperature, voltage, conductivity and other factors are firm. If there is any abnormality, please adjust the standard accordingly. If there is no abnormality, the oxidation time can be appropriately extended to ensure that the film thickness meets the standard. 2. The pH of the dye solution is too high. At this time, glacial acetic acid can be used to adjust the pH to the standard value. 3. After oxidation, the workpiece is placed in the sink for too long. Timely dyeing is recommended. If this situation has occurred, the workpiece can be placed in an anodizing tank or in nitric acid and then dyed after proper activation treatment. The consequences will be good. 4. Improper selection of dyes. Need to select suitable dyes. 5. The dye has been decomposed or mildewed, and the dye needs to be replaced at this time. 6. The oxidation temperature is too low, resulting in a dense film. The oxidation temperature can be increased appropriately. 7. Poor conductivity. Possibly the anode copper rod or the cathode lead plate has poor contact. Take care to clean the anode copper rod and cathode lead plate to ensure good conduction. Causes and treatment of white spots and dew white 1. Washing is not clean, so wash with water should be strengthened. 2. The water used for washing is too dirty and easy to contaminate the film. At this time, the water should be changed to ensure the quality of washing. 3. The oxide film is contaminated by smoke, dust, acid and alkali mist in the air. Strengthen water washing, timely dyeing, and timely transfer can greatly reduce this symptom. 4. The oxide film is contaminated by oil and sweat. The protection must be strengthened, and the exterior surface of the workpiece must not be touched by hand. 5. There are undissolved impurities in the dye solution, which will be contaminated by oil and destroy the abnormal dyeing. At this time, the dye solution should be filtered or exchanged, and the tank solution should be cleaned up on schedule. Round rod manufacturers have broad application prospects, and are widely used in hardware kitchenware, shipbuilding, petrochemical, machinery, medicine, food, electricity, energy, aerospace, etc., and building decoration. 6. There is residual acid flowing out of the gaps and deep holes of the workpiece, and water washing should be strengthened for such workpieces. 7. The dyeing solution is contaminated, which will cause the stained workpiece to corrode. At this time, the dye must be changed, and care should be taken to avoid introducing impurity ions during the operation. The cause and treatment of dyeing, fading and color escape 1. The pH value of the dyeing solution is low, and it can be adjusted to the standard value with dilute ammonia. 2. Draining is not clean. Should strengthen washing. 3. Incomplete dissolution of the dye, strengthen the dissolution to cause complete dissolution. The evaporation area configured by aluminum row manufacturers is smaller than that of steel row pipes. In addition, from the perspective of comprehensive costs such as the cost of aluminum materials and advanced die-casting technology, the unit area price of aluminum platoon is higher than that of steel platoon, but the performance of aluminum platoon is much higher than that of steel platoon. 4. The temperature of the dyeing solution is too high and the drop temperature. 5. The oxide film has small pores. The cause is that the oxidation temperature is too low, and the film is prevented from being dissolved by sulfuric acid. The oxidation temperature can be adjusted appropriately to avoid this problem. 6. The dyeing is too fast, and the dyeing time is too short, the dyeing solution can be diluted, the dyeing temperature can be lowered, and the dyeing time can be prolonged properly. After adopting corresponding measures for the shortcomings of oxidized coloring on hair, the quality of aluminum coloring products must be firmly controlled to meet customer satisfaction requirements.
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