Causes of damage to aluminum extruder parts

by:Zeyi     2021-05-19
As long as the machine starts to work, its parts will be worn to a certain degree after a long time, and the aluminum extrusion press is no exception. What we have to do is to reduce the degree of wear as much as possible. There are many reasons for the aging of aluminum extruder parts, such as: excessive working strength, inadequate lubrication, normal wear, fatigue strength, etc.... Let’s take a brief look at the aluminum extruder. The reason for the damage of the part. 1. Part damage caused by excessive working strength of the aluminum extrusion press. When the parts are subjected to external loads such as tension, compression, bending, shear and torsion, the dangerous section will break, such as the fracture of the guide pillar, the fracture of the bolt, and the Broken gear roots, etc. 2. Failures caused by inadequate lubrication and destruction of normal working conditions, such as fluid friction sliding bearings, can only work normally when there is a complete lubricating oil film; if these necessary conditions are destroyed, different types of failures will occur. If the bearing fails due to overheating, gluing, abrasion, etc., the belt drive will fail due to slippage. 3. The abrasion (main reason) caused by the working of aluminum extrusion press is mainly caused by corrosion, abrasion and contact fatigue. These are the failure forms that gradually occur with the continuation of the working time, such as the wear of the guide rail Abrasion of the copper sleeve, etc. 4. If the working strength is too high, if the stress acting on the part exceeds the yield limit of the material, the part will have residual deformation, such as the bending of the shaft and the deformation of the gland. The above are some of the reasons that lead to the failure of aluminum extruder parts. As for the prevention of wear, it is still necessary to start with the usual maintenance and maintenance of the aluminum extruder equipment. The aluminum extruder production line is a large-scale equipment. Maintenance is very important. If daily maintenance can be done in place, it will not only extend the service life of the aluminum extrusion equipment, but also reduce the production of aluminum scrap and increase the yield!
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