Causes of exposure and oxidation of industrial aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-05-06
Reasons for exposure and oxidation of industrial aluminum profiles 1. The sealing materials used in industrial aluminum profiles are too poor, such as excessively hard rubber strips, short anti-aging time, expired use of sealants or counterfeit glue, poor resistance to displacement, and easy cracking, etc. . 2. The processing precision of industrial aluminum profiles does not meet the quality requirements, and the matching gap is too large. The parts that need to be bonded after assembly are not coated with sealing materials and assembled directly, causing exposure to easily penetrate into the aluminum profile and the main structure through various assembly gaps. . 3. When the industrial aluminum profile is installed on site, the assembly size is not well controlled, resulting in the mutual misalignment of the overlapped seal positions or insufficient overlap size, or there is a gap due to sufficient pressure, which is used to fix the fastening screw of the aluminum profile frame There is no sealant to seal, and the surface of the sealed part is not cleaned when the sealant is used for sealing.  4. The design of the industrial aluminum profile profile waterproof structure is unreasonable, the waterproof sealing level is not enough, and the drainage channel in the aluminum profile structure cavity is not formed. When exposed to the effect of the pressure difference between indoor and outdoor wind, it can easily enter the aluminum profile cavity and enter the room, while the exposure into the aluminum profile cavity cannot be smoothly discharged outside through the aluminum profile drainage system and stay in the aluminum profile. Accumulate water and cause oxidation. 5. The structural strength and stiffness of the aluminum profile fail to meet the requirements of the wind pressure resistance of the location where the aluminum profile is used, resulting in severe stress on the aluminum profile rods, hardware accessories, seals and bonding materials under normal wind loads. Plastic deformation, tearing or damage of the aluminum profile, causing the aluminum profile body to fail to seal and cause exposure and oxidation. The reason is that the product failed to correctly calculate and design the strength according to the specifications, and did not pass the physical performance test against wind pressure before production and installation. ————The article comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it.
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