Causes of streaks in industrial aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-08-24
profile is an alloy material with aluminum as the main component. Aluminum rods are melted and extruded to obtain aluminum materials with different cross-sectional shapes. However, the proportion of the added alloy is different, and the mechanical properties of the industrial aluminum profiles produced are The application areas are also different. When we produce industrial aluminum profiles, we sometimes encounter streaks. How does the streak problem of industrial aluminum profiles occur? Reasons for the streaks of industrial aluminum profiles: 1. Due to insufficient cooling capacity of the machine, after anodization Black marking area; 2. The 'branches' and threaded holes inside the aluminum profile cause surface streaks due to insufficient or excessive metal supply; 3. The quality of the casting billet itself is not good, which affects the color difference of the stripes after anodization of the extruded material. 4. Surface streaks on the profile caused by the welding area under the mold shunt bridge; 5. Problems with the design of the profile section view. Due to the large wall thickness difference of the profile, the part where the length of the working belt changes abruptly produces striped color difference after anodization. The above is a brief introduction of 'the causes of streaks in industrial aluminum profiles'.
Processing process of industrial aluminum profile
profiles are generally worthy of extruded aluminum profiles, which are often used in industrial automation assembly lines, but people are still not enough about how the newly extruded aluminum profiles become industrial aluminum profiles. Understand, let's take a look at the processing flow of industrial aluminum profiles together. 1. Cutting. The length of the industrial aluminum profile is usually 6.01 meters, and it is necessary to fine-cut the industrial aluminum profile according to the attached drawings. Our general cutting error is less than 0.5mm. In addition to the cutting length, it can also be used for bevel cutting and 2. drilling and tapping of industrial aluminum profiles. Generally, when connecting industrial aluminum profiles internally, drilling and tapping must be performed. profiles of different specifications are different from the drilling tools used for tapping. Therefore, punching and tapping are also one of the aspects to test the processing strength of industrial aluminum profiles. 3. profile assembly. After cutting, drilling and tapping, industrial aluminum profile connectors are needed to connect the aluminum profiles. As long as the installation supervisor performs the installation according to the drawings, he can manufacture the required industrial aluminum frame, equipment cover, assembly line workbench, etc. The above is the processing flow of industrial aluminum profiles.

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