Causes of uneven color of aluminum oxide film

by:Zeyi     2021-06-19
The main reasons for the uneven color of the aluminum profile oxide film are as follows:   1. The area of u200bu200bthe aluminum profile workpiece is too large, the swing in the tank during operation is too large, and the contact, update, and exchange of the edge and center of the solution are too different, so Cause the color of the oxide film to be inconsistent. Prevention method: when the aluminum profile is oxidized, the swing of the workpiece should be small, and it can be processed statically. When the temperature of the solution is too low, it is easy to appear map-like mottling, which is unnatural.  2. Part of the clad aluminum layer is damaged during the processing of aluminum profiles and cut off. The outer clad aluminum is high-quality aluminum, and the inner clad is mixed aluminum. There is a big difference between the two types of aluminum.  3. Problems in the oxidation process operation:   a. The workpiece is not thoroughly treated with alkali etching, and the original oxide film and dirt in the local area cannot be removed.  B. The surface of the workpiece is still alkaline if there is no light-emitting treatment immediately after alkali etching.  C. The workpiece has been in contact with foreign objects during the transfer process.   When the color of the film is not uniform, it is necessary to find the cause from many aspects and take targeted measures to solve it.  Excessive accumulation of aluminum ions in the etching solution causes malfunctions. After removing the factors that are difficult to form the oxide film of conductive aluminum profiles, considering whether there are too high aluminum ions in the alkaline etching solution, the alkaline etching speed is not fast. After the alkaline etching solution is used for too long, too much aluminum ions will accumulate, and the aluminum ions are difficult to elute on the surface of the workpiece. The contact between the surface of the aluminum part and the conductive oxidizing solution affects the formation of the oxide film of the aluminum profile. If the alkali etching solution is replaced unconditionally, the workpiece after alkali etching can be rinsed in running water immediately after rinsing with hot water, and then in concentrated nitric acid containing hydrofluoric acid. After washing and scalding in hot water, quickly leave the hot water and immediately immerse in the running water to prevent the workpiece from being oxidized after drying and affecting the formation of the conductive oxide film.
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