Causes of uneven oxidation and coloring of industrial aluminum

by:Zeyi     2021-05-24
Everyone knows that after anodic oxidation dyeing, industrial aluminum profile needs to be sealed, which can fix the dye in the film pores and increase the corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance of the oxide film. In the process of anodic oxidation dyeing, it is the greatest possibility to cause uneven dyeing. The prerequisite and basis for uniform oxidation and coloring of industrial aluminum is that the thickness of the oxide film and the uniformity of pores are closely related. In the dyeing process, we need to control the temperature. The dyeing rate will increase with the increase of temperature. Therefore, the temperature required for dyeing deep colors will be higher and the time will be relatively shorter. At the same time, the higher the temperature of the bath solution, the faster the sealing speed. Then, for different color requirements, we should properly adjust the dyeing temperature. If the dyeing time is too long or too short, the color difference will appear. Sealing treatment is an indispensable part of anodic oxidation. After oxidative dyeing, only the sealing treatment can ensure the original color of the dyed film. The sealing process can be varied, steam sealing, hot water sealing, and medium temperature sealing. Both are good choices, and some dyes can also be cold-sealed. The sealing process will affect the coloring of industrial aluminum to a large extent, and the color may fade after sealing, which will make the color of industrial aluminum profile become lighter after sealing. Therefore, you need to pay attention to this point. This article originated from: Science and Technology www.nhzm.com, please indicate the source when reprinting.
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