Causes of uneven surface of industrial aluminum profile

by:Zeyi     2021-07-19
At this stage, aluminum profiles are widely used and popular. The production process requirements of all aluminum profiles are also very accurate. However, there are always problems of this kind in production, and the most common problem is the surface. There are bumps and ripples, what's the matter? Let's explain to you in detail below. 1. There are debris on the working belt of the extrusion die. If the working belt is not clean, oily or blocked by debris, the surface of the aluminum lean tube produced will have pits and pits, which will cause the shape, size and appearance of the product to be unqualified. 2. The size of the support pad is too small. After the aluminum extrusion mold is out of the high temperature, it should be placed on the support pad within the specified time. A support pad of suitable size should be prepared according to the cross-sectional shape of the mold. It will cause a certain elastic pressure to the lower mold, which makes the size of the mold unstable, and the surface of the extruded aluminum profile lean tube produces uneven waves. 3. The upper and lower molds of the aluminum extrusion die are not parallel. The mold is not designed or used properly. The upper and lower molds are not parallel, and there is a bell mouth shape, which makes the surface of the extruded aluminum lean tube material appear uneven after cooling and forming. 4. The size of the empty knife of the mold is too small. If the size of the empty knife is too small, the metal will not flow smoothly and the speed will be uneven. Defects in appearance. 5. Uneven extrusion speed When using the new mold, the initial extrusion speed is not paid attention to. The reserved size of the head and tail of each aluminum rod is not appropriate, and the surface of the extruded product is uneven. The above is the content. If you need to purchase industrial aluminum profile profiles, please come to the editor. Aluminum profile manufacturer for 16 years, direct sales from stock, free mail sample + sample book, welcome to consult.
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