China Export-Import Bank financing supports Wuchuan, Zhengan and Daozhen alumina projects

by:Zeyi     2021-05-17
Recently, the Guizhou Wuzheng Road 1000kt/a alumina project, which was formed by the Guizhou Branch of the Export-Import Bank of China (hereinafter referred to as 'the bank') and other banks to provide financing support, has completed the joint commissioning and joint test of equipment and the use of water as a substitute. 'Hot test' is an important node in the transformation of alumina plant from construction to production. The Guizhou Wuzheng Road 1000kt/a alumina project has an annual output of 1 million tons of alumina. Relying on the rich bauxite resources of Zunyi, Guizhou, it will build a complete aluminum industrial chain from bauxite mining, alumina production to aluminum product processing Part of it.     Wuzheng Road, that is, the Wuchuan, Zheng'an and Daozhen areas in the north of Zunyi, rich in bauxite resources, and 150 million tons of bauxite reserves have been verified. Due to geographical and historical reasons, Wuzhengdao's economic development is lagging behind, and the poverty is large and deep. It was once synonymous with poverty and backwardness. With the commissioning of the 1000kt/a alumina project on Wuzheng Road in Guizhou, the rich local mineral resources have been utilized, and the import substitution of my country’s bauxite resources will be gradually realized. At the same time, the project will drive more than 1,500 jobs, promote the adjustment of local industrial structure, and help poor farmers. Relying on industry to get rid of poverty and become rich is of great significance to promoting poverty alleviation in Wulingshan area.     Since its establishment, the bank has successively supported a number of key projects in the fields of transportation, environmental governance, infrastructure, and targeted poverty alleviation, which have played a positive role in promoting local social and economic development. In the next step, the bank will further leverage on its advantages in financial services, perform its functions as a policy-based financial institution, and help the economic and social development of Guizhou Province. Information source: The Export-Import Bank of China Image source: Internet
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