Common aluminum surface treatment process

by:Zeyi     2021-08-23
Before the surface treatment of aluminum materials, it is generally necessary to pre-treat the aluminum materials: degreasing, rusting, cleaning, phosphating, or purification.  Most of the rusty or thick surface parts are derusted by mechanical methods such as sandblasting and shot blasting, but after mechanical derusting, ensure that the surface of the work piece is clean and free of scale.   1. Polishing: To overcome defects, remove burrs and brighten the surface, it is divided into chemical polishing and mechanical polishing.  2. Sandblasting: The purpose of aluminum surface treatment is to overcome and conceal some defects of aluminum alloy in the machining process and to meet some special requirements of customers for product appearance. There are glass sand, tungsten sand, etc., showing different feelings, similar to the rough texture of ground glass, and fine sand molds can also show high-end products.   3. Metal electroplating method: more common, and there is a treatment process of electroplating after polishing.  4. Car texture: Aluminum surface treatment is a processing method for reprocessing after the mold is formed. The texture is processed by a lathe, and the adult body shows very regular texture characteristics.  5. Scuffing: it is called wire drawing, which is similar to the car texture. They all form a smooth continuous texture on the surface. The difference is that the car texture is shown as a ring pattern and the rubbing pattern is a straight line pattern.  6. u200bu200bOxidation (coloring): There are two purposes for aluminum surface treatment and oxidation, which can enhance physical properties and achieve coloring purposes. Generally, it is anodic oxidation. The purpose is to paint, and to increase surface hardness to improve wear resistance, such as micro-arc oxidation.  7. Spraying: spray a layer of coating on the surface of aluminum material, spray white, spray wood grain, etc., fluorocarbon spray.
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