Common European standard aluminum profile meter weight range

by:Zeyi     2021-07-11
profiles are divided into national standard aluminum profiles and European standard aluminum profiles according to their cross-sectional notch shapes and usage specifications, and the common ones are European standard aluminum profiles. The unit weight of each type of aluminum profile is generally different, and the difference in the weight of the meter leads to different load-bearing capacity. Therefore, it is necessary for us to understand the weight range of the European standard aluminum profile, which will be of great help to our research on the application of aluminum profile. Today, I will take you to find out what is the weight range of the European standard aluminum profile. Commonly used European standard aluminum profiles include 2020/3030/4040/4080/6060/6060 and other cross-section aluminum alloy profiles. Here the rice weight of 2020 is 0.5kg per meter; 3030 aluminum profile has several specifications, and the meter weight generally hovering around 0.9kg per square meter; 4040 aluminum profile also has a variety of cross-sections, and the unit weight is 1.4kg-2.0kg per meter. Hovering between meters; while the 4080 profile is 3.2kg, the 6060 profile is 2.65kg, and the 8080 aluminum profile is 5.2kg; the unit weight of the 100100 aluminum profile is 11.26kg in the conventional profile. Generally European standard The weight of aluminum profile is between 0.5kg and 11.26kg. For example, the weight of 80160 aluminum profile is 10kg, the weight of 3060 aluminum profile is 1.75kg, and the weight of 4590 aluminum profile is 4kg. This is the end of the introduction of European standard aluminum profiles. If you have any questions about industrial aluminum profile profiles, please contact us. It is an aluminum profile manufacturer with 16 years of production and processing history, and has won the affirmation of many customers at home and abroad.
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