Common quality problems in curtain wall construction

by:Zeyi     2022-02-06
The curtain wall is the facade of the building's appearance and the performance of the building's quality. Accidents caused by hidden dangers of curtain wall construction quality have a greater impact on people's lives. In order to prevent the curtain wall project from forming construction quality problems due to improper construction work and insufficient preparation work, the following points must be paid attention to. 1. The problem of embedded parts The embedded parts are offset, and the rear patch is not in close contact with the structure. The rear patch is used to shrink the bolt, and the structural edge is less than 5 cm. After use, the exposed length of the anchor bolt does not meet the specification requirements, the reinforcement steel plate and the post patch are insufficiently welded, there are too many holes in the positioning structure of the post patch, and the nut is not tightened. Second. The problem of the keel device The position of the main keel is deviated, the geometric position does not meet the specifications, the verticality of the keel mullion and the level of the beam are relatively large, the welding of the auxiliary keel is not firm, and the spacing and elevation do not meet the specifications. The hole adopts electric welding method, and the anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment is not in place. Third. Vibration and noise problems If the curtain wall system is designed correctly, the cause of the vibration and noise problems may be incorrect installation techniques on site, incorrect procedures, and incorrect use of data. Insufficient equipment management and unqualified equipment quality are common problems in curtain wall construction. It usually manifests as insufficient interlayer sealing, no glue at the expansion joints of the mullion, and no bolts between the adapter and the mullion and horizontal frame. Connection, lack of gaskets or gaps between the adapter and the mullion, lack of gaskets between the glass and the frame, lack of gaskets on the stone curtain wall, etc.
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