Common specifications of meltblown aluminum profile frame

by:Zeyi     2021-07-04
As the 'heart' of masks, meltblown cloth is now in short supply in the market. Many mask manufacturers cannot buy the products, and meltblown cloth manufacturers are working overtime to produce. At this time, the melt blown cloth frame became a popular product. During this period, many customers came to purchase industrial aluminum profile profiles for meltblown fabric frames. So which industrial aluminum profile profile can be used to customize the meltblown fabric frame? Let's explain it to you. The commonly used profile specifications for meltblown fabric frames are 5050 and 50100, and the profiles of these two specifications can basically meet the needs of use. 4040 and 4080 profiles are commonly used for mask machine frames. Because the weight of meltblown cloth is relatively large, large-size profiles are used. If the weight of the meltblown cloth is relatively small, 40 series aluminum profiles can be used. In addition to the above-mentioned profiles of several specifications, 6060 profiles, 8080 profiles, 100100 profiles and so on can also be used. The specific use specifications need to be determined according to the production requirements. The advantage of using aluminum profiles for the meltblown fabric frame is that it does not need to be welded and is directly assembled with accessories, which can achieve fast delivery and short construction period. There are a variety of specifications to choose from and a wide range of applications. The above is the content. If you need to purchase or customize the meltblown fabric frame, you can come to consult. 16 years of aluminum profile manufacturers, direct spot sales, affordable prices.
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