Commonly used accessories for industrial aluminum profiles!

by:Zeyi     2021-11-30
As we all know, aluminum profiles are easy to assemble without welding, so there are many accessories for aluminum profiles, which are also one of the indispensable products for assembling aluminum profile frames, fences, and benches. It is precisely because of the existence of aluminum accessories that it becomes easier and more convenient to assemble these randomly added aluminum profiles. There are many kinds of aluminum accessories on the market. We first introduce the most common bolts and nuts: Bolts: Bolts are the most basic products in aluminum accessories, and are used in almost every aluminum frame. There are several common bolts: round head bolts, cylindrical head bolts, flat machine bolts, and T-shaped bolts. In fact, they all look the same, with similar specifications. In order to match the aluminum profile, its specifications are divided into 20, 30, 40, etc. according to the different notches of the profile. Nuts are designed to match bolts. Because it is used with bolts, it is the most common accessory like bolts. Common nuts include hexagon nuts with flanges, T-nuts, elastic nuts and square nuts. Select and use the corresponding nut type and specification according to the corresponding bolt type. For example, half-round bolts are equipped with T-nuts, and T-bolts are equipped with hexagonal nuts with flanges. Compared with bolts, the model of the nut is much simpler than that of the bolt, because the nut does not need to consider the depth like a bolt, but only needs to consider the butt gap.
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