Compared with ordinary doors and windows, what are the advantages of system doors and windows?

by:Zeyi     2021-11-08
The technology is different. We all know that door and window companies are not manufacturers of doors and windows, but assemblers of door and window accessories. The quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows depends more on the strength of the connection and the tightness of the accessories. The traditional angle technology is applied to ordinary doors and windows, using extruded aluminum angle code + impact angle connection, and then put the sealant on the edge of the extruded angle, but there is no sealant in the aluminum profile joint, and it is really necessary to seal, and the rain will pass through in rainy days. Cut the capillary seam into the door and window. Such a process cannot guarantee the compactness of the combined corner and the tightness of the joint. However, the system doors and windows are different, it uses a special cast aluminum corner code with hollow stainless steel pin + glue injection. Compared with traditional technology, it has two advantages: one is expansion tension fixation technology, and the other is glue injection sealing technology. Each cast aluminum corner code consists of two aluminum castings. When the stainless steel hollow pin is inserted, the two aluminum castings will automatically open, plus the matching tolerance of the angle pin hole and the profile pin hole, the two 45-degree splicing profiles will be firmly tightened and fixed. After the fixing is completed, the glue should be injected into the angle code through the injection hole of the pin. After the glue injection is completed, the contour is completely sealed with glue spliced u200bu200bat 45 degrees from the inside of the hole. In this way, the gap between the angle code and the cavity is completely closed, effectively ensuring the good air tightness of the system doors and windows. 2. Stability and performance The doors and windows of this system are equipped with independent technical departments, which carry out strict inspections and inspections on all parts of the system to ensure the stability of the doors and windows. After 2 to 3 years of research and development of system doors and windows, comprehensive tests have been carried out on the materials, performance and quality of the entire doors and windows, and mature products have been launched after reaching the expected goals. Ordinary doors and windows are assembled according to their own needs. Due to the different quality and performance of various components, the stability during use is relatively poor; this is a temporary integration of a single-project door and window product and has not been fully tested. 3. Flexible system doors and windows are serialized and standardized products, and each part is fixed. According to different performance, trough structure, material supply, etc., it has strong exclusivity and incompatibility. It is selected according to the needs of the project. Series, flexibility is small, but now is an era of customization, system doors and windows can design suitable doors and windows products according to the needs of customers. Ordinary doors and windows can be configured according to their own needs. Door and window materials can be selected by domestic and foreign manufacturers, and the mold can also be opened temporarily, which is flexible, but its quality and standardization cannot be guaranteed. 4. Software and after-sales service The quality of ordinary doors and windows depends on the level of designers and the processing and installation capabilities of door and window companies. The support and tracking services for door and window companies are relatively insufficient. At the same time, ordinary doors and windows are often after-sales, doors and windows fail, and the owner does not know who to call for repairs.
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