Comparison of aluminum profile CNC machining and traditional machining

by:Zeyi     2021-06-18
CNC is the abbreviation for technical digital control. What are the differences between traditional technology and CNC machining? This requires detailed comparison. Here is a brief introduction for everyone. We know the characteristics of traditional processing. Generally use ordinary manual machine tools for processing. Mechanical processing requires manual operation. Shake the mechanical handle to make the tool cut metal to achieve the processing purpose. During the operation, it is necessary to use tools such as calipers to measure and fix the position of the processing hole of the product, and the processing accuracy of the product is not high. Especially when the product has many holes and high precision, it is difficult to reach the standard. CNC machining centers are different. It uses an automatic machine tool controlled by programming. The program control system can process and control the program logically. This program can be decoded by the computer. According to the designed action, the blank can be processed into a semi-finished product by cutting the aluminum.com/products.html' target='_blank'>aluminum profile product with a knife. The precision of the products processed by the CNC machining center can reach 0.01mm. Not only the precision is high, but unnecessary parts can be arbitrarily programmed to remove. Drilling, tapping, milling, cutting, etc. can be completed in one step. Due to the obvious advantages of CNC machining centers, more and more companies favor the products processed by CNC machining centers to be used in mechanical equipment. Especially for a small number of samples, CNC machining can solve this urgent problem when the accuracy of the product is required and the hole position is asymmetrical.
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