Detailed explanation of the processing methods of industrial aluminum profiles, what are the precautions?

by:Zeyi     2021-05-12
Detailed explanation of industrial aluminum profile processing    1. Casting is the first process of industrial aluminum production. The main process is:    1. Ingredients: According to the specific alloy grades that need to be produced, calculate the addition amount of various alloy components and reasonably match various raw materials. 2. Melting: Put the prepared raw materials into the smelting furnace according to the process requirements for melting, and effectively remove the miscellaneous slag and gas in the melt through degassing and slagging refining methods.  3. Casting: Under certain casting process conditions, the molten aluminum is cooled and casted into round casting rods of various specifications through a deep well casting system.   2. Extrusion is a means of profile forming.  First, design and manufacture a mold according to the profile product section, and use an extruder to extrude the heated round cast rod from the mold.   3. The surface of industrial aluminum profile profile is colored.  Oxidized, extruded aluminum alloy profile, its surface corrosion resistance is not strong, it must be surface treated by anodic oxidation to increase the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and appearance of the aluminum material.   profile processing precautions  1. Temperature    Temperature fluctuations need to be grasped in real time to avoid the problem of temperature differences that may cause adverse effects on the finished product.  2. Aging  The holding time is appropriate to prevent the hardness of the aluminum material from being insufficient after the time is too short or too long.  3. Furnace installation   Aluminum profile products must separate the special alloy from the ordinary alloy before loading the furnace. If you encounter special processing conditions, you need to take out the special alloy for aging treatment.
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