Do you know the eight main features of all-aluminum furniture design?

by:Zeyi     2021-05-15
When buying a home now, I choose all-aluminum home furnishings. Products made of aluminum and other alloying elements. It is usually processed into castings, forgings, foils, plates, strips, tubes, rods, profiles, etc., and then cold bending, sawing, drilling, assembling, and coloring. The main metal element is aluminum, and some alloying elements are added to improve the performance of aluminum. The perfect organic combination of a performance system for system doors and windows requires consideration of a series of important functions such as water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-theft, sun shading, weather resistance, and operating feel. Considering the comprehensive results of the performance of equipment, profiles, accessories, glass, viscose, and seals, all of them are indispensable to form a high-performance system door and window. Due to the combination of curtain wall technology and technology, intelligent curtain walls such as solar photovoltaic curtain wall, ventilation duct breathing curtain wall, wind and rain induction intelligent curtain wall will show the unique charm of the building. Do you know the eight development characteristics of all-aluminum home furnishings? 1. Environmental protection and zero formaldehyde. Now the advantage of aluminum furniture is environmental protection. This is because aluminum profiles, cold-rolled steel plates and other metal materials are some of the processing of our mineral resources. With the development of the metal industry, the current metal materials are from raw materials From use and processing to elimination, it will not cause waste of resources to the social environment and damage to the ecological environment. Therefore, the advantages of this kind of aluminum furniture are that it is green and environmentally friendly, and can be reused, and the utilization rate of resource products is high, not to mention the problem of excessive formaldehyde in general furniture... 2. Fashionable and versatile furniture and other furniture, aluminum metal, usually in good manufacturing The strength of using a metal plate, the post-bending process of a series of aluminum furniture to meet the needs of many functional aspects. We now have many design aluminum furniture on the market, which will adopt design features such as multiple extraction, multiple doors, and convenient movement. It can be completed in many aluminum furniture. It is worth mentioning that with the development of industrial technology, many furniture aluminum profiles have folding functions, are easy to use, and are very space-saving. 3. Waterproof and fireproof Compared with our panel furniture and solid wood furniture enterprises, the development of aluminum furniture has the characteristics of fireproof and moisture-proof. Therefore, the second major advantage of aluminum furniture is that it can withstand the test of fire and reduce economic losses. It also has a moisture-proof effect, which is very suitable for students and families in rural areas in southern my country. 4. Easy to clean. The surface of aluminum furniture products is smooth and delicate. Compared with panel and solid wood furniture enterprises, it is impermeable and has a unique advantage in the moisture-proof and waterproof market. Aluminum furniture can be used in the bathroom, which not only needs to be waterproof and moisture-proof, easy to use and clean, but also to give people a clean, bright and refreshing feeling. It can also extend the service life of the furniture. 5. Moisture-proof and moth-proof. There is no need to worry about household insect erosion and tidal harm. This must be an urgent need of residents. Many expensive pinewood mahogany furniture has been damaged by insect erosion. It is also worth mentioning that the moisture-proof characteristics of aluminum furniture are very suitable for use in the electronic age. Many of our precious audio and video tapes and classic CDs are most afraid of strong magnetic interference. The use of aluminum furniture can solve this well. Class problems. 6. Antibacterial and odor-free newly renovated houses have a deadly pollution odor. The pungent chemical smell brought about by the new decoration is difficult to remove for a while. No matter how much air freshener there is, the special smell is still difficult to rub your private space with your nose. The problem is that this special smell always harms you and your family. Health. Song Guangsheng, director of environmental monitoring, said that indoor pollution mainly includes four types of pollutants: formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, and radioactive substances. At present, all kinds of wood-based panels, adhesives, and wallpaper contain these four types of pollutants. The main material of aluminum alloy furniture is aluminum profile, which avoids the harmful smell of traditional wood and wood-based panels. 7. Durable and durable The hardness of diamond is 10, and the hardness of aluminum is 10.
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