Elimination of scratches on the surface of aluminum processed products

by:Zeyi     2021-05-29
With the development of society today, more and more buildings are indispensable for the formation of aluminum alloy construction profiles to assist the formation of various types of construction production. The domestic aluminum profile industry has also developed by leaps and bounds, and a large number of foreign trade and domestic construction The development of the industry has also led to the advancement of the entire industry. I am very pleased that we have met 95% of the brothers and sisters in the aluminum processing industry in Guangdong Province on this road. Because of your support, we can get to this day. Also because of years of in-depth understanding of the aluminum processing industry, we have a certain concept of the corresponding testing standards and the corresponding production execution standards required in many processing procedures in this industry. Aluminum processing is common such as screens and aluminum windows. It adopts the extrusion molding process, that is, after the raw materials such as aluminum ingots are melted in the furnace, they are extruded through the extruder to the mold to flow out and form. It can also extrude various profiles with different cross-sections. If there are longitudinal or transverse grooves, scratches or raised scratches on the corners of the products on the surface of aluminum processed extruded products, there are also scratches caused during loading and handling. Scratches, etc., are common surface defects in the aluminum extrusion process. They are mainly eliminated by chemical and physical methods:    1. Chemical method: refers to the use of chemical reagents for polishing, which is simply the choice Chemical reagents will corrode the aluminum surface by a layer. The scratches have sharp edges and the corrosion speed is fast. The lighter scratches can be completely eliminated after chemical polishing. The chemically polished materials have a bright and beautiful appearance.  2. Physical method: mechanical polishing, sandblasting, wire drawing, etc., generally used for deeper scratches.  Usually two methods are used together, and the appearance of aluminum can achieve an excellent decoration effect. If you want to avoid the above situations in the future, there are four main methods:   1. Check carefully when loading the mold to avoid molds with small cracks from being used. Pay attention to the fillet radius when designing the mold.   2, place the material when loading The spacers, which are softer than the finished product, should be transported and hoisted smoothly and should be handled carefully. 3. The extrusion mold operation belt should be processed brightly and smoothly, and the empty knife of the kneading mold should also be processed smoothly.   4. , To avoid scratching the finished product with strong and outstanding objects.   To improve the competitiveness of aluminum processing products, it is necessary to break through the existing technical bottlenecks, start from the aspects of new product development, increase production efficiency, and strengthen process technology control and improvement, so as to improve the enterprise And the core competitiveness of the product.
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