Environmental protection and beautiful green new type building materials aluminum honeycomb panel

by:Zeyi     2021-08-06
Aluminum honeycomb panel has beautiful appearance, practical function and excellent performance of energy saving and environmental protection. It is a special green curtain wall decoration material in the aluminum veneer industry. The structure principle of aluminum honeycomb panel: the source of the design idea of u200bu200bthe aluminum honeycomb panel structure I-beam structure: the surface plate is equivalent to the wing plate of the I-beam, which mainly bears normal stress; the middle honeycomb layer is equivalent to the web of the I-beam, which mainly bears Shear stress. The two surface plates of the aluminum honeycomb panel have a large structure height and a large section moment of inertia, so the rigidity and bending strength are good; the middle sandwich layer is bionic in the natural honeycomb structure, using less materials, but with high shear strength and stability Good; the optimized combination of the surface board and the honeycomb middle layer makes the honeycomb board have the advantages of light weight, high strength and good rigidity. Appropriate selection of the surface plate and honeycomb can also obtain good performances such as earthquake resistance, heat insulation, and sound insulation. The two sides of the aluminum honeycomb panel are made of high-strength aluminum panels, and the inner layer is a special hexagonal aluminum honeycomb. As the core plate adhered to the sandwich structure, it bears pressure in the tangential direction. These dense honeycombs are like many small I-shapes. The beam can disperse and bear the pressure from the direction of the panel, so that the force of the panel is even, and the panel can still maintain a high level of flatness in a large area.   Honeycomb aluminum plate material requirements:    1. The front and back aluminum plates are made of high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy plates, the thickness of the front aluminum plate is not less than 0.8 mm, and the thickness of the back aluminum plate is not less than 0.6 mm.  2. The honeycomb aluminum plate is made of 3003H18 aluminum plate, and it should be treated with corrosion protection.  3. Mechanical properties of honeycomb aluminum plate: MPa≥160MPa, MPa≥160MPa, elongation δ is 6%-10%.  The superiority of honeycomb aluminum plate    1. High rigidity: The hexagonal structure of the honeycomb aluminum plate, as the core layer of the sandwich panel, can withstand external forces such as typhoons without any deformation of the material.  2, high flatness: due to its super stability, it can achieve a good flatness.  3. Non-combustibility: Since it is entirely made of aluminum alloy, it is a non-combustible material and is very safe.  4. Thermal insulation performance: Because the core layer of the honeycomb aluminum panel reduces the heat transfer between the panels, and this heat transfer is blocked due to the formation of the air layer.  5. Durability: Excellent resistance and stability to chemical corrosion make it the most suitable building material for highly polluted areas. It can be easily cleaned with water, detergent, sponge, etc. during cleaning.  6. u200bu200bBeautiful: Roller coating not only allows it to maintain its color for a long time on any building, but PVDF is internationally recognized that it will not fade or change color for a long time.
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