Environmental protection and energy saving will be a major trend in the development of the door and window industry

by:Zeyi     2021-08-06
Environmental protection of doors and windows has become the focus of our attention, and the key to energy-saving buildings is energy-saving doors and windows. Therefore, the emergence of energy-saving doors and windows not only meets people's requirements for energy-saving, but is also a major development trend in my country.   At present, among the more than 40 billion square meters of buildings in my country, more than 90% are high-energy-consuming buildings. In high-energy-consuming buildings, the energy consumption of doors and windows accounted for nearly half. Among the many urban buildings in my country, more than 97% are high-energy-consuming buildings. Based on this calculation, it is estimated that by 2020, the area of u200bu200bhigh-energy-consuming buildings in various provinces and cities will reach 70 billion square meters. Therefore, if we do not pay attention to building energy-saving design now, it will directly exacerbate my country's energy crisis.   In order to promote the energy conservation of the whole society and alleviate the contradictions of energy constraints and environmental pressure, the National Development and Reform Commission has issued the 'Medium and Long-term Special Plan for Energy Conservation.' This is my country's first mid- and long-term plan for energy conservation since the reform and opening up. In recent years, the use of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly doors and windows is gradually increasing due to the influence of the state's building energy conservation policies.   Driven by the building energy conservation policy, a large number of new environmentally friendly and energy-saving products such as aluminum alloy energy-saving doors and windows, fiberglass energy-saving doors and windows, and aluminum-plastic composite energy-saving doors and windows are constantly emerging and new products are emerging. According to incomplete statistics, the market share of energy-saving doors and windows for buildings in various places has increased rapidly, accounting for 50% of the entire door and window market. Therefore, the economic and social benefits of vigorously developing energy-saving doors and windows are extremely considerable.
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