Environmental protection standardization calls for aluminum profile products are rising

by:Zeyi     2021-07-17
Consumers have higher and higher requirements for wood and aluminum alloy doors and windows, and the business community is forced to standardize and standardize aluminum profile products due to the situation, so as to better adapt to market needs. It is also worth mentioning that the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development initiated the formulation of the national standard for wooden doors and windows as early as 10 years ago. After more than three years of research, this standard has been officially unveiled and has been implemented. The interests of the owners have also been more protected, and disputes in this area have become less and less, and aluminum profile products have been greatly improved in terms of environmental protection standardization.  According to the survey results, most of the domestic door and window industry has adopted customized non-standard production and marketing models in the past ten years, and most door and window production is tailored to the specific needs of users. As the standardization degree of my country's current door and window industry is not very high, this has caused the shortcomings of low factory production efficiency and long delivery cycle. Wooden door products are also mixed with good and bad. In order to improve the existing bad situation, my country's aluminum alloy The door and window industry urgently needs to be put on the work schedule in terms of standardization and standardization.
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