Exhibition aluminum profile has become the main material for exhibition construction

by:Zeyi     2021-09-05
The 2017 exhibition is in progress. If you observe carefully, you will find that, different from the traditional wooden structure, aluminum alloy profiles are gradually becoming the mainstream materials for the construction of exhibition centers.  Exhibition aluminum profiles save time, effort and money, and can be recycled. They are becoming more and more popular in the construction of conventions and exhibitions, and they have occupied nearly 1/3 of the market share. With the application of similar green materials, the phenomenon of post-show garbage that has plagued the exhibition industry for many years is also expected to be greatly changed.  Convention and exhibition building market, aluminum alloy accounts for 1/3.  The main material of the exhibition center is aluminum alloy. Compared with the traditional wooden structure, the construction time is saved by 1/3, which not only leaves more time for customers to set up the exhibition, but also saves about 30% in cost. Not only that, the booth built with aluminum alloy profiles is also relatively easy to disassemble. After the exhibition, the aluminum alloy materials can also be recycled and reused. The traditional wooden structure not only cannot be recycled, but also requires money to be disposed of.   It is understood that more and more exhibition construction companies choose aluminum alloy as their first choice. Although it saves time, effort and money, the application of aluminum alloy profiles in exhibition construction needs to be further improved, but the lack of modeling can be creative. However, industry insiders admit that aluminum alloy materials are still inferior to wooden structures in terms of changes in shape. Because the wooden structure can make various changes according to customer needs, and it looks relatively tall. The aluminum alloy profiles are mostly straight, not easy to shape, and look relatively simple. At present, there is still a luxurious style in exhibition construction, and many companies blindly pursue the gorgeous or peculiar appearance of the exhibition booth. However, as the relevant policies require higher and higher environmental protection requirements for exhibition construction, exhibition enterprises have gradually realized that they will spend more The money may not be able to achieve a better display effect. You can try more creatively, and strive to make up for the lack of modeling through good design. In the construction of exhibitions, green materials represented by aluminum alloys are definitely the trend. If improvements are made in the theme display, it will be more quickly accepted by exhibitors.
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