Extruded industrial aluminum common problems and solutions encountered in industrial aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-11-12
1. The extrusion temperature of industrial aluminum profile is too low, the extrusion speed is too slow, the exit temperature of the profile in the extruder cannot reach the temperature of the solid solution, and it cannot play the role of solid solution strengthening. Solution: Reasonably control the extrusion temperature and extrusion speed to keep the profile at the exit temperature of the extruder above the minimum solid solution temperature; 2. has fewer fans at the exit, insufficient air volume, and slow cooling speed, which can not make the industrial aluminum profile profile at the shortest When the temperature drops below 200℃, the coarse magnesium silicate will precipitate prematurely, which will reduce the solid solution phase and affect the mechanical properties of the profile after heat treatment. Solution: Strengthen the air cooling conditions, and under the conditions, the factory can install an atomized cooling device to meet the minimum requirements of 6063 alloy cooling gradient; 3. The composition of the steel ingot is unqualified, and the content of magnesium and silicon in the ingot does not meet the standard requirements. Solution: Strengthen steel ingot quality management; 4. When the steel ingot is processed unevenly, the magnesium silicate phase precipitated in the steel ingot structure cannot be re-dissolved in a short time, resulting in insufficient solid solution and affecting product performance. Solution: homogenize the steel ingot; 5. Improper aging process, poor hot air circulation or incorrect thermocouple installation position, resulting in insufficient aging or excessive aging. Solution: Determine the aging process reasonably, install the thermocouple correctly, and place the industrial aluminum profile correctly to ensure the smooth flow of hot air. GB/T1497-1988 profile processing operating procedures 1. Check whether the hydraulic system is leaking oil and whether the air pressure is normal. 2. Check the transmission belt, cooling bed and storage table to check the damage and abrasion of the profile. 3. Before drawing, determine the length of the aluminum profile and determine the drawing length, that is, the moving position of the main chuck. The draw ratio of 6063T5 is 0.5%≤1%, and the draw ratio of 6061T6 is 0.8%≤1.5%. 4. Determine the clamping method according to the shape of the aluminum profile, insert the large-section hollow profile into the deep drawing gasket, but try to ensure that there is enough clamping area. 5. When the aluminum profile is cooled to below 50°C, the section can be stretched when it is turned on. 6. When the profile is bent and twisted at the same time, it should be corrected first, and then stretched and bent. 7. Test the first and second roots to determine whether the predetermined stretching rate and clamping method are appropriate. Visually bend, twist, check the gap between the plane of the profile, expansion, and parallel. If it is not appropriate, you need to adjust the stretching rate appropriately. 8. When the normal drawing rate still cannot eliminate the bend, twist or make the geometric dimensions qualified, the operator should be notified to stop the extrusion. 9. The contours on the cooling table can't rub against each other, can't collide, can't overlap and pile up, can't rub the flower. The working efficiency and service life of the industrial aluminum extruder are closely related to the installation sequence of the industrial aluminum extruder. The equipment foundation of the industrial aluminum extruder must not only bear the weight of the equipment itself and the weight of the production materials, but also bear the industrial extrusion The dynamic load when leaving the machine, so the installation of the equipment must be carried out in accordance with the corresponding installation procedures.
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