Five reasons why aluminum alloy carports are popular in the market

by:Zeyi     2021-07-22
In recent years, with the rapid development of my country's automobile industry, the corresponding ancillary product carport has also entered the fast lane of development. Compared with other types of carports such as plastics, the surface treatment of aluminum alloy carports adopts electrostatic powder spraying process, which is resistant to wind, rain and snow corrosion. The roof material adopts imported polycarbonate board, which can well absorb the ultraviolet rays in the sun and has a good protective effect on the car. The editor is here to talk to everyone about the five main reasons why aluminum alloy carports are popular in the market:   1. The main structure of anti-aging carports is all made of high-quality, high-strength aluminum alloy materials. It has permanent anti-aging ability and will never grow. The rust and special surface treatment greatly increase the service life of the carport and reduce the decomposition from ultraviolet rays. It will last forever and achieve superior weather resistance. The sealing strip adopts high-quality anti-aging EPDM sealing strip, and each connection point and seal adopts anti-aging ABS engineering plastics. The fixing screws are all stainless steel 304 screws, covered by a special rubber sleeve, which is beautiful and durable. The carport can be effective Used for more than 30 years. 2. The roof material of the heat insulation and dustproof carport can be imported from imported raw materials, and the anti-ultraviolet UV layer is added through the double-sided co-extrusion process, which can effectively block more than 90% of the ultraviolet rays, can prevent heat insulation and effectively control the continuous rise of the temperature in the car in the hot sun. , It can also shield your car from industrial dust, fallen leaves and bird droppings in the air. The combination of the all-aluminum alloy carport structure and polycarbonate board, the main column heating galvanized steel pipe, can bear 48cm of snow, can resist 52m/s strong wind, and significantly improve its ability to resist wind and snow. 3. The polycarbonate sheet used in the automatic cleaning carport contains photocatalyst. It has the ability to automatically clean dust using natural light and rainwater, keep the top clean and beautiful, prevent rust and scale, and reduce the rust or long-term rain on the metal parts of the car due to acid rain. Scale caused by seasons. If it is covered with dust, the next rain carport will immediately become brand new.  Fourth, strong aesthetics   , compared with the traditional carport, the aluminum alloy carport has a modern design concept, reasonable structure, unique shape, stylish and elegant, beautiful and elegant, and the overall appearance is smooth and beautiful. The aluminum alloy frame and polycarbonate board roof are available in a variety of colors, allowing the car and the shed to blend naturally and appropriately, providing a comfortable resting place for your car.  5. Noiseless  The aluminum alloy carport adopts professional noise reduction design, which can play a very good sound insulation and noise prevention effect. Especially in rainy and snowy weather, it is difficult to hear the loud sound of falling rain and snow even in the vicinity. For parking lots and corresponding waiting halls, is it a good choice to use aluminum alloy carports, which can effectively reduce the impact of noise on people around them?  With the continuous research and development of aluminum alloy profiles and the continuous changes in consumer market demand, it is conceivable that the future aluminum alloy carports will develop more advantageous performances to meet the needs of parking lots and waiting halls.
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