Get rid of price competition, aluminum profile manufacturers need to improve product originality

by:Zeyi     2021-08-12
The aluminum cabinet industry has developed to the present, and the competition has become increasingly fierce. Most domestic aluminum cabinet manufacturers have similar designs, lack creativity, and mostly imitate. If the domestic market wants to rely on low-cost advantages, the development model of further price wars is already difficult. Only by enhancing product originality in design and building a complete independent marketing system for aluminum profile manufacturers can they blaze a new trail.   The rising costs of factories, materials, labor, store rents, and marketing expenses have caused the profit of the cabinet industry to show a downward trend year by year. However, many middle-income home buyers in first-tier cities, especially well-educated white-collar workers, have a certain pursuit of life. Customized aluminum cabinets can not only make reasonable space planning, but also allow users to participate in product design services. , Has been favored by consumers. Brand customized aluminum cabinets are still very attractive to this consumer group.  Under the current pressure of high-cost investment and low price, the industry has no doubts about the future consumer demand of the cabinet industry, and will seek changes through various channels such as product research and development, brand improvement and model changes. In the future, the way out for aluminum profile cabinets should be to find some selling points from the existing aluminum profile cabinets to improve it and increase corporate profits.   However, industry insiders also said that due to the long-term homogeneity of the aluminum profile cabinet market, it has also had a certain impact on the consumer demand for aluminum profile cabinets. Especially in the recent domestic aluminum cabinet market, because it is often associated with words such as simple style and low cost, some consumers deeply believe that foreign aluminum cabinet brands are better than domestic ones. And design and product innovation are indeed the shortcomings of my country's cabinet industry at present, so starting from these aspects has become an important way for many aluminum profile manufacturers to enhance brand vitality.   The cabinet industry is inevitably undergoing a reshuffle. Products and brands created through original designs are more likely to stand out in the reshuffle. The cabinet industry must change the thinking angle of the manufacturing industry, step out of the practical age, and have both practicality and design sense to be more competitive. Although the original design investment is very large, once the unique design characteristics of the brand are formed, the price competition is freed from the shackles of price competition, and aluminum profile manufacturers can go further.   For traditional enterprises, e-commerce used to be a multiple choice question to do or not to do, but now it has become a must-answer question. Similarly, as a traditional industry, aluminum profile cabinets are currently facing harsh external situations such as rising raw material prices, rising labor costs, strong impact and suppression from foreign aluminum profile cabinet manufacturers, and increasingly fierce competition in the domestic market. The profit margin is huge. Compressed, however, the domestic cabinet industry is facing unprecedented pressure. For aluminum profile manufacturers, this will also be a good opportunity for transformation and upgrading. You can make good use of this opportunity to continuously seek innovation and achieve new profit growth points. The marriage of e-commerce is not a new business model innovation, nor is it a good strategy to break through the dilemma. However, aluminum profile manufacturers have no successful experience in e-commerce to learn from, so they need to be deliberate in order to receive the due effect.   First, most e-commerce products are still price-driven at this stage. Aluminum profile manufacturers should develop attractive and profitable product portfolios. The spike is only a means of drainage.  Second, facing the dilemma of rising costs, aluminum profile manufacturers reduce costs not only to reduce the area of u200bu200bthe exhibition hall, but also to do practical things, such as the design link. IKEA’s design philosophy is very worth learning. It has a most economical principle. All products must be flat-packed, and raw materials must be used to the extreme. Accumulating less can reduce prices.   Third, if funds permit, it is best to equip an advanced information management system. Although its post-services are bottomless, it can indeed optimize processes and reduce costs, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. Lenovo has benefited a lot from this, and aluminum profile manufacturers can also learn from it.
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