Guangdong has become a global international aluminum industry processing center

by:Zeyi     2021-08-21
With the adjustment of my country's aluminum industry policy and the rapid development of the current construction and housing, automobiles, high-speed rail, and aerospace industries, my country's aluminum industry has ushered in waves of development. According to the survey, China’s aluminum industry currently accounts for 40%-50% of the world’s output, and Guangdong’s aluminum output accounts for more than 50% of the country’s total. Among them, the aluminum capital—the output of construction aluminum profiles in Dali Town, Nanhai District, Nanhai It also accounts for 40% of the country's total. From this point of view, Guangdong has become the processing center of China and the world's international aluminum industry, which has promoted the development of China's aluminum industry in the world.  1. Many aspects reflect that Guangdong has become a global international aluminum industry processing center.    Guangdong aluminum industry enterprises have strong competitiveness and are well-known in the world. As the world's largest aluminum processing and exporting country, Guangdong accounts for 60%-70% of the national aluminum export volume, which plays a decisive role. Guangdong is continuously expanding and extending as the global international aluminum industry processing center, and a large number of companies with strong competitiveness Rapid development. From the 6th China Aluminum Industry Top 100 List in 2013, Guangdong enterprises accounted for 13%. Now there are thousands of Guangdong enterprises engaged in aluminum processing. There are no countless companies. Guangdong enterprises have strong competitiveness, and their aluminum products and products cover several continents around the world. In the past 10 years, Guangdong enterprises have gained a firm foothold in overseas markets. An excellent group of enterprises is working hard to serve multiple industries around the world, making Guangdong a global international aluminum industry processing center.  Guangdong is a gathering place for aluminum industry processing, and strong market demand is a catalyst for development and improvement. From the perspective of my country's aluminum processing field, Guangdong is China's most important distribution center for aluminum raw materials, the most developed province for aluminum industry processing, and the production base of aluminum die-casting industry. Aluminum companies from home and abroad have regarded Guangdong as the target of aluminum industry investigation. . 2. A strong platform promotes global cooperation and exchanges in Guangdong's aluminum industry processing    While the Guangdong-Global International Aluminum Industry Processing Center continues to grow, there is also the Guangzhou International Aluminum Industry Exhibition, a display cooperation platform that aluminum companies look forward to. The exhibition not only brought together outstanding and well-known aluminum industry enterprises in Guangdong Province, but also aluminum processing enterprises from all over the country and even abroad. They showed the best products and equipment to everyone and communicated with each other. At the same time, in addition to seeing a steady stream of In addition to domestic buyers, many foreign merchants have also gathered. The reporter realized that this is no longer a purely domestic aluminum industry exchange and cooperation, but a world-oriented business, trade, and cooperation platform. The exhibition has given companies publicity, with many overseas buyers, and brought many opportunities for international exchanges and cooperation. The benefits are huge and it provides a basic platform for companies to explore the world market. Promoting Guangdong's aluminum industry to the world, creating more opportunities for upward development and cooperation for Guangdong, the global international aluminum industry processing center. 3. In the global process, Guangdong’s aluminum industry is facing opportunities and challenges. Nowadays, the global construction and housing industrialization continues to develop, and the choice of building profiles is diversified; the automotive industry is welcoming a wave of new energy, and light weight is also imperative. Industry continues to maintain an upward trend in the automotive industry; high-speed rail, aerospace and aviation are also developing rapidly around the world. In these industries, aluminum is an indispensable material. The aerospace industry puts forward higher requirements for aluminum and components, and also provides new development opportunities for aluminum companies. However, while facing opportunities, we must also see challenges. For these popular high-end industries, the quality requirements for aluminum products are bound to be high. Advanced and excellent processing technology is a prerequisite. For many aluminum processing enterprises in Guangdong , The technology still needs to be further strengthened, and the production and processing of high-quality products with low energy consumption.
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