How about sales of aluminum tube shapes under Zeyi?
In many years spent producing aluminum tube shapes , we have never compromised. Our commitment to creating a lasting interest that does not fade over time to our customers and to creating products that can be of use and not just attractive have never been changed. It is this consistency that makes our brand - Zeyi Aluminum Co., Ltd., known and appreciated by more and more customers, enabling us to achieve new sales growth every year. We believe that with our continuous improvement and innovation, the domestic and foreign markets for our brand are both promising.

Zeyi is known for strong ability in manufacturing market-oriented 15mm aluminum tubing. We are considered as an expert in the China market. Zeyi focuses on providing a variety of aluminium curtain rod for customers. It is made under normal manufacturing tolerances and quality control procedures. This product is characterized by scratch resistance. People are free to adjust the drying temperature based on what kind of food to be dehydrated, as well as the taste of their own. It is widely used in the field of construction.

We unswervingly uphold the service concept of 'Customer First'. We will work hard to improve customer interactions by practicing active listening and following up their orders after a problem is solved. Under this method, customers will feel heard and concerned.
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