How does Zeyi manufacture best curtain poles ?
The choice of raw materials plays an important role in the best curtain poles , which is next to quantity production, quality management and so on. We ensure that national and international standards are basis for the entire production process. Advanced technology is used for production.

Accumulating years of experience and expertise in the design and production of aluminum door profile, we have become a reliable manufacturer and supplier in the industry. Zeyi Aluminum Co., Ltd. focuses on providing a variety of aluminium profile for doors for customers. In the production process of Zeyi aluminium office door frames, a variety of precision equipment is used. This product will be finished under jacquard knitting, loop knitting, rib knitting and flat knitting machine. The thicknesses of this product can be customized based on the intended use. Dehydrated food is less likely to overburn or scorch which is miserable to eat. It has been experimented by our customers and it proved that the food is dehydrated evenly to excellent effect. The product can perfectly match the installation parameters.

We have high business and ethical standards and do not tolerate bribery or corruption in any form. To support this, we've developed a Statement of Business and Ethics Code which sets out the guiding principles by which we all operate.
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