How many people in Zeyi R&D department?
Our success in patent and certification gaining is attributed to the efforts of our R&D department. At Zeyi Aluminum Co., Ltd., new technology development has become the major task to update the manufacturing procedures and boost product output. In order to fulfill the target, we spare no efforts to source reliable engineers and research talents regarding structural aluminum extrusions . So far, we have set up a strong R&D department with several talents. They are responsible to conduct experiments and product tests. If you are interested in their history, you can check out their files on our website.

Zeyi has taken dominance in the domestic market when it comes to the R&D and manufacture of aluminum wardrobe doors. Zeyi focuses on providing a variety of aluminum square pipe for customers. After the production is completed, relevant tests will be carried out on Zeyi aluminum kitchen profile. The dyeing quality and process will be tested to meet the mandatory standard: basic technical specifications for textile safety. This product can flex under loads or spring back from the shock of impact. The product has a low environmental impact through its entire lifecycle. It does not produce any radioactive substance that will do harm to both people and the environment. This product helps reduce heat transmission due to its high thermal insulation property.

Our positive commitment to socially and environmentally responsible practices define the way we operate. All of our facilities employ strict energy management and waste-minimization procedures, following the principles of lean manufacturing.
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