How much do you know about industrial aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-07-21
The so-called industrial aluminum profiles, as the name suggests, are aluminum alloy profiles that are widely used in industrial fields. In a broad sense, industry is a broad field that radiates high-tech, aerospace, national defense, and spans high-, middle- and low-end processing, manufacturing and its derivative industries. As an aluminum profile serving industry, its wide range of applications can be imagined. profiles are extremely versatile. They are known for their environmental protection, lightness, easy assembly and disassembly, and time and money saving. Therefore, the comprehensive cost performance of aluminum profiles is much higher than that of steel products. Steel is usually connected by welding, which is troublesome to disassemble and cannot be recycled. In contrast, industrial aluminum profiles have many varieties and specifications, which are suitable for use in various types of mechanical devices. They are connected by professional matching parts. They only need to be locked with bolts and nuts. The load-bearing strength is no less than that of steel. Disassemble and assemble at will, and reuse it repeatedly. The use of aluminum profile accessories can easily adjust and change the structure at any time. Aluminum products have strict dimensional tolerances, high surface finish requirements, convenient and fast assembly, and high production utilization. Therefore, the industrial aluminum profile profile industry has developed so rapidly in recent years. After the aluminum surface is anodized, it is corrosion-resistant, spray-free, and beautiful, which can increase the added value of the product. The application range of aluminum profiles is extremely wide. Such as automated assembly lines and material conveying equipment manufacturers, electronic industry production equipment workbenches, automatic production lines in the packaging industry, industrial inspection system workbenches, automotive industry parts assembly, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical and food industries, outdoor advertising and stage settings, etc. I will not repeat them here. Generally speaking, some frame assembly applications in the industry can be constructed using aluminum profiles. The surface of aluminum profiles can be treated a lot, the most common is silver white oxidation. After the surface of industrial aluminum profiles are oxidized, the appearance is very beautiful, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, and there is no trouble of rust. The surface is resistant to dirt, even if it is accidentally stained with oil, it is very easy to clean. When assembling into a product, different specifications of profiles are used according to different load-bearing needs, and corresponding specifications of aluminum profile accessories are matched, which is extremely convenient for installation, disassembly, carrying and transportation. For many people, industrial aluminum profile profiles are still a relatively new concept, but in just a few years of their emergence, they have developed a faint tendency to replace iron products. It can be seen that the application in this field is the general trend. Some people think that industrial aluminum profiles are more expensive than steel in terms of price. In fact, from the perspective of cost control and long-term benefits. The aluminum material will not rust, has a long service life, is easy to disassemble and does not require labor, and can be reused. The later maintenance cost is low, the loss is small, even if it is repaired, the difficulty is low. The high price of industrial aluminum profiles is reflected in manufacturing costs and sales links. At present, the structure of the domestic aluminum sales market is mixed. For buyers, buying from dealers, usually the material has been handed over many times, and the price is naturally not very beautiful. If you want to buy high-quality and low-cost industrial aluminum products, the best solution is to directly find upstream manufacturers to purchase, especially for users with large purchases, this method is the most cost-effective.
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