How much is industrial aluminum profile customization

by:Zeyi     2021-08-09
Aluminum profiles are now widely used, and they are a benchmark in the field of industrial production. Many materials need to use aluminum profiles, so how do you want to customize a piece (set) of aluminum profiles and how to calculate the price? Also, avoid stepping on pits. Let's take a look at it for everyone. Mold opening of aluminum profiles: When it comes to custom aluminum profiles, mold opening is indispensable. The die of aluminum profile is generally an extrusion die, and the cost of opening the die should be calculated based on the cross-sectional area of u200bu200bthe profile. The larger the cross-section, the cost of molds will increase, and the cost of customized aluminum profile molds is one of the necessary considerations. Extruded aluminum profile: The process principle of extruded aluminum profile is to use an aluminum rod to heat it and then form it through a die through an extruder. According to the material (aluminum grade), aluminum rods are divided into 6063 and 6061. The price of aluminum bars fluctuates every day. This is the price of aluminum rods, and it is also one of the considerations for the price of customized aluminum profiles. Aluminum profile processing: The quotation of processing fees for aluminum profile factories has different price ranges according to different regions. This should also be calculated according to the weight of the product. The lighter the more expensive, the heavier the cheaper. Combining the above points, the cost of customized aluminum profile is as follows: mold fee + aluminum rod cost + processing fee + logistics cost u003d customized aluminum profile cost, and some customers also need to do product surface treatment and machining, such as milling and cutting , Cutting this also requires additional expenses.
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