How to ensure the accuracy of aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-07-08
Aluminum profile frames are generally assembled with assembly line aluminum profiles and accessories, and corner pieces and bolts and nuts are generally used. The shelf installed in this way is firm and beautiful, and is also convenient for disassembly and transportation. However, some industries have very high requirements for the accuracy of aluminum profile frames. Ordinary bolt and nut connections cannot meet the requirements at all, because the tightness of the screws will affect its accuracy. Is there any way to improve the accuracy of aluminum profile frames? In fact, there are two methods: 1. Cut the bevel of the aluminum profile, cut the two ends of the aluminum profile with a 45-degree bevel, and then press the matching corner connector. This can greatly improve the accuracy of the product, but there is a disadvantage that it is not easy to disassemble after assembly. 2. If you have high load-bearing requirements, you can choose scaffolding aluminum profiles. Each connection position of this type of aluminum profile design structural parts has a structural part clamping position, which is very firm and strong, and will never loosen. But the price is relatively high, so you can consider it if you have a high budget. The above is the related introduction of 'how to ensure the accuracy of aluminum profiles'. If you have any questions about industrial aluminum profile profiles, please consult us. 16 years of professional aluminum profile custom processing services.
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