How to make aluminum curtain wall

by:Zeyi     2021-07-09
With the promotion, application and development of aluminum profile curtain walls in construction, more and more people are familiar with it. So, what is the production method of aluminum profile curtain walls? 1. The curtain wall and aluminum alloy components should be horizontal and vertical, with the correct elevation, and no mechanical damage (such as scratches, abrasions, indentations) on the surface, and defects that need to be treated (such as spots, stains, streaks, etc.) are not allowed. ).  2. All exposed metal parts (press plates) of the aluminum curtain wall should be smooth from any angle, and no small deformation, ripples, recesses or protrusions of fasteners are allowed.  3. After fixing the corbel iron to the T-slot, it should be welded firmly, and the gap between the concrete contact surface of the main structure should not be greater than 1mm, and it should be plugged with galvanized steel plate. The connection between the corbel iron and the curtain wall must be cushioned with shockproof rubber. The welds of steel parts welded at the construction site shall be painted with two anti-rust paints on site.  4. Asphalt paint must be painted on the metal surface in contact with the masonry, plastered surface or concrete surface, and the thickness is greater than 100um.  5. When the glass is installed, there must be a gap between the edge and the keel, so that the upper, lower, left, and right sides are guaranteed. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent pollution of the glass, especially on the side of the coating, to prevent the coating from peeling off and forming a painted face. The surface of the installed glass should be flat and free from warping.  6. u200bu200bThe impaction of rubber strips and rubber strips should be dense and comprehensive, and the joint between the two rubber strips must be tightly filled with sealant. When using seam sealant to seal, the seal should be full and uniform, and the appearance should be flat and smooth.  7. Fireproof and thermal insulation mineral wool materials between floors shall be tightly packed and shall not be omitted.
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