How to reduce the product cost of aluminum profile factory

by:Zeyi     2021-05-26
Core tip: Defects in aluminum profiles are a factor that causes scrap. A small defect on the aluminum profile will waste the entire cut-to-length aluminum profile. Due to the high added value of aluminum profiles, extrusion manufacturers should try their best to reduce defects in aluminum profiles. 1. Non-extrusion cycle time-assuming that the production efficiency of the aluminum extrusion press is 30 aluminum rods per hour, and each non-extrusion cycle saves 10 seconds, then the extrusion time can be increased by 2 hours per day, 2 hours This means that 8% of the output is more than 8%, which is equivalent to reducing the conversion cost of 8% per kilogram of profile.  2. Downtime (operation interruption)-the loss caused by the downtime is huge (in our example, the downtime loss is 48.00 yuan per minute), not to mention the loss of capacity due to no output during the downtime.   3. Extrusion speed-the production efficiency brought by the purchased high-tech aluminum profile mold should be seriously considered. If the purchased aluminum profile mold can achieve a faster extrusion speed than the mold made by the extrusion manufacturer itself, then a moderate order can make up for the additional cost incurred by purchasing the mold. For example, assuming that the normal cost is 2,860.00 yuan/hour, the additional cost of purchasing high-tech molds is 10,000.00 yuan, as long as the extrusion speed increases by 50% and the basic production efficiency reaches 800 kg/hour, then an order of less than 10 tons It can make up for the extra cost of using high-priced molds.  4. Using a porous mold, the extrusion speed can be increased by 200% (2-hole mold) or even 300% (3-hole mold), so the economic benefits will be higher.   One of the biggest advantages of using a modern aluminum profile tractor is that when the aluminum profile reaches the correct extrusion length, the tractor has the function of controlling the extruder to stop extrusion. This is similar to the non-extrusion cycle, but because the extruded aluminum profile is exactly the required length, there is no waste of extrusion time. Therefore, more cost can be saved, because while reducing waste, it also saves the links of conveying and recycling the extruded waste.  After the aluminum profile is extruded from the extruder, the most important goal is to increase the output and the rate of shipment by reducing waste, and to send more products to customers. The cost of any waste generated after extrusion will be very high, so the production of waste must be reduced as much as possible in the subsequent process. To minimize the waste, it is necessary to realize the sawing at the parking mark (the parking mark refers to the mark left by the mold on the profile during the non-extrusion cycle). Aluminum profile moves on the extruder conveying system-any movement on the extruder conveying system may cause damage to the aluminum profile. For example: the modern transmission system uses the tractor to place the aluminum profile directly flush with the head of the stretching machine, so that there is no need to push and pull the aluminum profile on the belt table to make the aluminum profile and the jaws of the stretching machine. Aligned. Therefore, the possibility of the profile being scratched can be reduced.  Adjust the gap between aluminum profiles-stacks of profiles can easily scratch each other. The modern transmission system can maintain a proper gap between the profile and the profile. In the process of arranging or collecting materials, there is no need to use baffles to align the profiles.   Industrial aluminum profile mold    The operator manually operates-any time the operator touches the profile, it will increase the possibility of damage to the profile. The profile is easily damaged on the conveying system, but it is more susceptible to damage when the profile is loaded into the aging material frame and unloaded from the aging material frame and packaged for shipment. In these links, it is necessary to strengthen the training of operators and improve their awareness of careful operation.   Maintenance of the aluminum extrusion press-The maintenance status of the aluminum extrusion press has a significant impact on whether there will be aluminum defects. Whether the aluminum extrusion press is aligned or not, the condition of the ingot barrel and the extrusion pad will affect the quality of the aluminum extrusion.  
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