How to solve the air bubbles generated on the surface of aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-09-12
The production process of aluminum profile mainly includes casting, extrusion and oxidation treatment. During the extrusion process, the surface of the aluminum profile is required to be free of bubbles. However, if the various elements are not controlled in place during the production process, it is inevitable that there will be bubbles on the surface of the aluminum profile after extrusion. If these existing bubbles are not treated, Then the quality of the oxidized aluminum profile will not be qualified, so how to solve the bubble in the aluminum profile extrusion process?   First of all, the editor recommends that you should first find out the possible cause of bubbles in the aluminum profile during the extrusion process. The cause of bubbles on the surface of the aluminum profile: Generally, the gas inside the cast rod or the air drawn in during the extrusion process expands during extrusion and the subsequent heat treatment process, resulting in defects formed by the bulging of the profile surface. The methods to solve the bubbles on the surface of aluminum profiles are as follows: 1. Minimize the air content inside the cast rods. 2. The surface of the casting rod is required to be clean and free of oil stains. 3. Clean the squeeze cylinder. 4. The rod temperature should not be too high. 5. Increase the thickness of the pressure surplus. 6. Control the amount of lubricating oil applied to avoid excessive lubrication. The above is the solution to the bubbles on the surface of the aluminum profile. I hope it will be helpful to you in the process of using it.
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