How to solve the blackening of aluminum rods

by:Zeyi     2021-05-27
How to solve the problem of black aluminum rods. At the beginning, aluminum rods were widely used in various industries. However, when using aluminum rods, the friends often conceal the aluminum rods that cannot be used up. At times, I always encounter aluminum rods turning black, so today I will explain to you how to prevent aluminum rods from turning black during storage. According to the different metal elements contained in aluminum rods, aluminum rods can be roughly divided into 8 categories. Aluminum rods can produce and process aluminum hard oxidation with a length of 3m, which can be oxidized for mechanical machines, textiles, electronics, auto parts, communications, cooking utensils, speaker audio, printing peripheral machines, LEDs, solar panel bracket aluminum rods, etc. Processing. Aluminum flat bar is a kind of aluminum product. The melting and casting of aluminum rod includes melting, purification, impurity removal, degassing, slag removal and casting process. The aluminum rods sometimes turn black if they are kept in the warehouse for time. This indicates that the aluminum rods are a bit oxidized at the beginning. After the aluminum rods are oxidized, the oxides may be wiped off. After exposure to the sun, the oxidation problem may be solved for a few days. The material composition of aluminum products is treated nominally before oxidation, and the effect of purity on the quality of the oxide film layer of aluminum oxidation has long been understood by scientific and technological workers. In terms of degreasing treatment before aluminum rod oxidation, most factories still use weak alkali chemical degreasing or caustic soda degreasing and whitening. However, in recent years, more and more factories have adopted the method of adding nominal active agents for degreasing. . Utilizing the peculiar physical and chemical properties of the nominal active agent, falling nominal tension, emulsification, solubilization and foaming, and its own good chemical firmness to alkalis, hard water, etc., to improve the effect of degreasing contamination, and make the alkaline name form a layer The foam layer prevents alkali mist from escaping, reduces contamination, and improves operating conditions. For purchasing aluminum products such as aluminum rods, please look for Zhanmei Company. The aluminum rod factory is extremely rich in metal elements on the earth, and its reserves rank first among metals. It was not until the end of the 19th century that aluminum emerged as a competitive metal in engineering applications, and it became popular for a while.
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