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How to solve the phenomenon of industrial aluminum profile oxidation?

How to solve the phenomenon of industrial aluminum profile oxidation?


Industrial aluminum profiles are the most common materials used in many industries. In fact, the production process is not so easy, because of various factors, make the aluminum profile is not so perfect, such as aluminum profile easy oxidation, is a more troublesome problem, in the face of this situation should be how to deal with it? Zeyi Aluminum Profiles Manufacturers introduce the solution to the oxidation of industrial Aluminum Profiles.

industrial Aluminum Profiles

A method to solve the oxidation phenomenon of industrial aluminum profiles

(1) aging. The aging method of aluminum profile can be determined according to the climatic conditions. The sun can be exposed in the sun in summer, and the oven can be used in rainy or winter. The process conditions are: temperature: 40 -- 50℃, time: 10 -- 15min.

(2) Hot water flushing. The purpose of hot water rinsing is to age the film. But the water temperature and time should be strictly controlled, the water temperature is too high, the film thin, the color becomes light. Industrial aluminum processing time is too long will also appear above similar problems, the appropriate temperature and time is: temperature: 40 -- 50℃, time: 0.5 -- 1MIN.

(3) dry. Dry to natural drying as well, the hot water filling highland barley workpiece slanting on the shelf, so that the free water on the working surface to the direct direction of downstream. Flow to the bottom corner edge of the water with a towel to suck, according to this method dry film color is not affected, appear natural.

(4) Repair of unqualified parts. It should be picked out before the drying and aging process, because it is difficult to remove the film after drying and aging and will affect the surface roughness of industrial aluminum profiles. The above problems after the relevant personnel in the process of some exploration, through a variety of methods test, found that the following method is very good, simple method, and does not affect the workpiece surface quality, the specific process is as follows: First of all, the unqualified industrial aluminum profiles are clamped on the fixture used for aluminum anodizing, and then the anodizing method of aluminum in sulfuric acid solution is carried out for 2 -- 3min. The film layer is soft and falls off, and then the lye is slightly cleaned and the nitric acid is out of light, and then the conductive anodizing can be carried out again.

Introduction to industrial aluminum profiles

Industrial aluminium profile is mostly according to user's existing demand to develop, some industry development ability is strong, such as rail vehicle manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, etc., but some small industry lack self development ability, or not realize industrial aluminum instead of active materials are available, and this requires enterprises to help users to develop alternative industrial aluminium profile, to do this, Will need to go out to make detailed research material, from all walks of life to find a suitable for aluminum material to replace, through the development, can enlarge the market of industrial aluminum demand, especially in big industrial development, increase the market demand can reduce construction of large and super large extrusion line after the completion of the situation facing the fierce competition.

Improve the overall production technology of industrial aluminum profiles. Most industrial aluminum type of material, performance, size tolerance and so on all has the strict request, although industrial aluminum profits than architectural aluminum is high, but its production is also relatively large, difficult technical requirements are higher, especially complex wide flat thin wall of large industrial aluminum production technology, with the foreign and the larger gap.

Need to further efforts to improve the technical level, only the overall technical level improved, China's industrial aluminum profile in the international competition in a favorable position, to open up foreign markets, to participate in the international competition to create conditions. With the continuous development of industrial aluminum profile industry, more and more enterprises are applied to the industrial aluminum profile industry. Among them, the rapid development of a number of enterprises has been widely concerned. For example, the industrial aluminum profile enterprises in Tianjin and Shanghai are the key areas in China specializing in the production of industrial aluminum profile.

With mold design and development, aluminum extrusion production, industrial frame and assembly line, transmission line equipment development and installation, aluminum products deep processing and other non-standard industrial aluminum products. After years of development we have perfect aluminum profile structure installation accessories. Reasonable design of various accessories, can maximize the efficiency of aluminum profile frame assembly, reduce the cost of customers all kinds of precision machining equipment, can provide aluminum profile structure frame design, processing and assembly of one-stop service area. In recent years, China's aluminum processing industry closely combined with the market and the needs of scientific development, so that the traditional aluminum processing material has gradually completed the transformation to the modern aluminum processing material, so China's aluminum processing material varieties have undergone great changes.

The important characteristics of China's aluminum processing materials are to high performance, high precision, energy saving, environmental protection direction, many products have become well-known brands at home and abroad, enjoy high reputation in the market at home and abroad; The quality of the products has been steadily improved, and the standard level of the products has been among the international advanced ranks. In addition to producing according to the national standard, the main aluminum manufacturers can directly accept orders according to the requirements of the world's advanced national standards.

This indicates that the production of aluminum processing materials in China has been further internationalized, and in order to meet the various demands of national economy and science and technology for high-precision aluminum materials, the main aluminum processing enterprises have also formulated many internal technical standards for supply.

There are about 300 kinds of alloy and 1500 kinds of aluminum processing materials in China, which is one of the countries with the richest product varieties in the world. In many kinds of aluminum processing materials, a large number of international advanced products and national famous products have emerged, representing the mainstream direction of the development and application of modern aluminum processing technology in China.

Technical requirements for custom processing of industrial aluminum profiles

1. Drawing. Drawing is the initial embodiment of the ideal, so the technical personnel need to draw accurate three-dimensional drawings according to the needs of customers, and the technical personnel should also be able to judge whether the needs of customers are reasonable or to give feasible suggestions for later adjustment and modification.

2. Processing standards. Aluminum processing services include cutting, drilling, tapping and so on, if not according to the size of the accurate processing, will cause the aluminum assembly can not be. So the standards of aluminum processing are: no smooth surface without roughness, size cutting error within ±0.5mm, tapping teeth and other drawings to conform to the size.

3. Assembly requirements. Transfer the finished aluminum profile to the assembly area, wipe the surface clean of the aluminum chips, prepare the tools, and assemble according to the drawings. Cover with protective film, label and wait for delivery.

Causes of tail shrinkage in extrusion process of aluminum profiles

Taildown is a peculiar waste product in the extrusion process of aluminum alloy profiles. It can be divided into hollow tail reduction and ring tail reduction. Hollow tail reduction is due to the extrusion gasket oil and extrusion residual material left too little, resulting in a serious shortage of metal supply and other reasons and the formation of hollow funnel tail reduction; Ring shrinkage is mainly caused by the shortage of metal supply in the deformation area at the end of the extrusion process of aluminum profiles, which forces the metal to transversal turbulence along the periphery of the extrusion gasket, and causes the cold side and side surface and the oily metal to backflow and be involved in the products. The annular end is generally continuous or discontinuous in the section of the end of the product.

The main measures of how to prevent tail shrinkage in the extrusion production of aluminum alloy profiles:

1) reduce the temperature difference between aluminum ingot and tool, or use low temperature extrusion.

2) Ensure that the ingot surface is clean and heated evenly.

3) It is forbidden to wipe oil on the extrusion gasket or wipe the extrusion gasket with oil cloth.

4) Improve the surface finish of the mold and the extrusion barrel, and clean the extrusion barrel in time.

5) Reduce the extrusion speed at the end of the extrusion process.

6) the use of lubrication extrusion and reverse extrusion.

7) Keep the residual material and cut the tail according to the regulations, or appropriately increase the thickness of the residual material.

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