In the process of continuous development of the construction industry, what materials are used in the curtain wall?

by:Zeyi     2021-12-13
Curtain wall materials: The classification of curtain wall materials is the material basis to ensure the quality and safety of the curtain wall. Generally speaking, the materials used in the curtain wall can be divided into four types. Namely: framework materials, plates, structural bonding, sealing and filling materials, hardware accessories, etc. There are two main types of framework materials: aluminum profiles and steel. The board mainly includes glass, aluminum, stone, stainless steel, ceramic, Trespa, color steel, solar panels, etc. Structural bonding and sealing filling materials mainly include organic silicon structural adhesives, weather sealants, double-sided interlayer adhesives, sealing strips, foam sticks, thermal insulation rock wool, etc. Hardware accessories mainly include opening accessories, embedded parts, adapters, connectors, etc. 2. Basic requirements of curtain wall materials 1 Most of the curtain wall materials that can be produced in China meet the corresponding specifications and standards, and most of them have national standards or industry standards. However, due to differences in production technology and management levels, the quality of similar materials in cities also varies greatly due to different quality of manufacturers. As the external protective wall of the building, although the curtain wall does not bear the load of the main structure, it is on the outer surface of the building. In addition to its own weight, it is also affected by wind loads, earthquakes and temperature. Therefore, the curtain wall must be safe and reliable. The materials used in the curtain wall should meet the quality indicators of national standards or industry standards. A few materials do not have national standards or industry standards for the time being. According to the requirements of similar foreign product standards, manufacturers formulate corporate standards as products. Basis for quality control. In short, the use of unqualified materials is strictly prohibited, and a factory certificate is required. 2 The weather-resistant and durable curtain wall is located on the outer surface of the building, and is often affected by the unfavorable factors of the natural environment such as the sun, rain, and sand. Therefore, the curtain wall material must have sufficient weather resistance and durability. It has the functions of weatherproof, sun protection, anti-theft, anti-collision, heat preservation and so on. Therefore, in addition to stainless steel and weathering steel, effective anti-corrosion measures such as hot-dip galvanizing and inorganic zinc-rich coating should be used to treat steel. Aluminum alloy materials should be surface anodized, electrophoretic spraying, powder spraying or fluorocarbon spraying to ensure the durability of the curtain wall. 3 Non-combustible and non-combustible curtain walls, whether in processing, installation and construction, or after delivery, are very important to prevent fires. Therefore, non-combustible materials and non-combustible materials should be used as much as possible, but there are many materials at home and abroad, such as double-sided tapes, filler rods, etc., which are flammable materials. Therefore, pay more attention to installation and construction, and take fire prevention measures. Two framework materials There are two main framework materials for curtain walls, one is aluminum alloy profile, the other is steel, which is mainly used to make curtain wall frame (also called curtain wall keel) and sub-frame of surface material board. Generally speaking, aluminum alloy profile is the keel and auxiliary frame of glass and aluminum plate curtain wall, while steel is the keel of stone curtain wall.
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