Industrial aluminum accessories

by:Zeyi     2021-10-06
There are many types of industrial aluminum profile. Correspondingly, the accessories of industrial aluminum are also very rich. Do you know what exactly are industrial aluminum accessories? Today, I would like to introduce you to industrial aluminum accessories. The most common industrial aluminum parts are bolts and corners. profiles use the internal link method. Use special bolts. Before industrial aluminum materials are used, threads and process equipment holes must be drilled at the joints of the profiles. The corner pieces are mainly used for connecting pieces. Commonly used corner pieces are used to strengthen the supporting force of the connected profile points, and can also be used as a method for connecting profiles that need to be moved. There are also connecting plates. The end-face connecting plates are mainly used for connecting rectangles and large specifications. The distance connecting plates can be connected to various panels. They are locked with bolts. The equipment is simple and convenient to open. There are other accessories, mainly elastic fasteners, casters, hinges and other industrial aluminum profile accessories. Elastic fasteners are used to pierce the fasteners into the grooves of the profiles, and then use special bolts to link the profiles at both ends. The casters play the role of noise prevention, dust prevention and overlapping brakes. The hinges are used for the movable connection between the profiles or between the profiles and the plates. The above is the accessories information of some industrial aluminum materials, click to learn more about it! Source of this article: Be sure to indicate the source when reprinting.
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