Industrial aluminum, aluminum extrusion die polishing steps

by:Zeyi     2021-11-25
The main results of the polishing steps of the industrial aluminum profile extrusion die are as follows: (1) According to the design drawings of the aluminum extrusion die, the working hole of the polishing die, the ultra-precision material small die and the thin-walled tube die are 0≤0.02mm; (2) The dimensional accuracy of the extrusion die hole profile is 0~0.OSmm, and the dimensional accuracy of the ultra-precision material small die and thin-walled tube die is 0≤0.05mm. (3) The surface roughness Ra of the mold hole working area is 0.8~0.4}, m, and the surface roughness of the diversion groove is 0.8μm. Pay attention to the following points when polishing aluminum mold holes with sandpaper: (1) Soft or bamboo sticks are required for polishing with sandpaper. When polishing round or spherical surfaces, the use of cork rods can better match the curvature of the round and spherical surfaces. Harder stripes, such as cherry trees, are more suitable for polishing flat surfaces. The end of the wooden strip can be trimmed to make it consistent with the surface shape of the steel sheet, so that the acute angle of the wooden strip (or bamboo strip) can avoid contact with the surface of the steel sheet and cause deep scratches. (2) When changing different types of sandpaper, the polishing direction should be changed from 45° to 90°, so as to distinguish the streak shadows left by the sandpaper before polishing. Before changing different types of sandpaper, you must carefully wipe the polishing surface with 100% cotton alcohol and other cleaning agents, because the small grit left on the surface will destroy the entire subsequent polishing work. This cleaning process is equally important when changing from sandpaper polishing to diamond paste polishing. Before proceeding with polishing, all particles and kerosene must be thoroughly cleaned. (3) In order to avoid scratches and burns on the surface of the workpiece, special care must be taken when polishing with #1200 and #1500 sandpaper. Therefore, light load must be applied and the surface of the workpiece must be polished by a two-step polishing method. When polishing with various sandpapers, you should polish twice in two different directions, and rotate 45°~90° between the two directions each time.
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