Industrial Aluminum How long is the life of aluminum profile?

by:Zeyi     2021-11-24
Many buyers of industrial aluminum and aluminum profiles, or manufacturers who want to replace other materials with industrial aluminum profiles, may worry that the service life of aluminum profiles will not meet the requirements. Because the hardness of industrial aluminum profiles is not as high as steel, and the quality is lighter than ordinary metals. So today we are going to discuss how long is the life of industrial aluminum profiles? The chemical composition of industrial aluminum profiles is aluminum, magnesium, silicon, and aluminum accounting for more than 95%. Magnesium and silicon are a small amount of alloy components, but the content of 0 should not be underestimated. Due to the addition of magnesium, industrial aluminum profiles have stronger corrosion resistance, and corrosion resistance is an important factor in improving the service life. Silicon is the main factor to improve the strength of industrial aluminum profiles. Pure aluminum is very soft and cannot be used in industrial fields. In fact, the alloy composition of industrial aluminum profiles and architectural aluminum profiles is the same, both are 6063 grade aluminum alloys. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are the most familiar to everyone. Aluminum alloy doors and windows will still not oxidize and corrode in the sun and rain, and there is no problem with decades of use. profiles are generally used in indoor environments, and their lifespan is even longer. In fact, the service life of industrial aluminum is affected by the following factors: 1. Whether the industrial aluminum is processed, the surface of general industrial aluminum will be anodized, of course, there will be cases where it is not processed, and the surface anodizing treatment has a long service life On the substrate, because the artificially formed oxide film is more uniform, denser and thicker than the oxide film naturally formed in the air, it can block the air well, and the hard oxide film has strong wear resistance. 2. The service life of the use place in the open environment is also different from that of the indoor environment. Special industrial aluminum profiles will also be used in water or poorly corrosive environments. In this case, the anodizing time will generally increase to increase the thickness of the oxide film or perform hard surface oxidation. 3. The quality of industrial aluminum profile profiles, unqualified alloy composition or excessive impurities will greatly affect the service life of industrial aluminum profiles. Especially industrial aluminum profiles contain a certain amount of iron, and their corrosion resistance will be greatly reduced. In some factories, the surface of aluminum profiles rebuilt with scrap aluminum will turn black and black, even if the iron content exceeds the standard.
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